Your Guide to Essential Items for School Caretakers

School caretakers need to be masters of many trades – they’re the ones who keep things clean and polished throughout the day, take care of spills and leaks and look after the grounds. Anyone that is so heavily relied upon deserves the best equipment to make their jobs easier – here are our top tips for essential items that every school caretaker should have. 

Tool box/bag 

When something breaks or routine maintenance work needs to be done, your caretaker will thank you for providing them with a decent quality, portable tool box or bag. They can load up with the tools and equipment that they are likely to need and carry it with them to the job site. 

Grit box 

We’re hurtling towards winter now, so it’s time to make sure that you have grit and salt on site for pathways, private roads and car parks. A grit box is the perfect way to store these products – you can install them close to the problem areas so that your caretaker doesn’t have to lug bags or barrow loads from a storage shed. Another perk of a good quality grit box is that it will protect the contents from all weather types, so you can keep any left-over stocks until next winter. 


On the subject of grit and sand – there’s no better way of dispersing them than with a grit spreader. Smaller school sites will benefit most from a push-along model, manually powered by the caretaker, while larger areas might need a larger, tow-behind spreader that attaches to a ride-on mower.  

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Key boxes 

When you picture a caretaker, you probably see him or her with a big bunch of keys. On any given day they’re unlikely to need all those keys though, and carrying them around can be problematic – particularly if the whole ring becomes lost or stolen. And, of course, the fewer keys they carry, the easier it will be to find the required key quickly. Store rarely-used keys securely in a key box; there are models available to suit any requirements, from multiple individual keys to larger bunches – so get the one that suits your caretaker’s requirements best.  

Litter bins 

Make the caretaker’s job easier by upgrading your litter bins. Inside the classroom, standard waste paper bins are fine (although for certain areas you could deploy recycling bins), but outdoors you can benefit from enclosed bins to ensure that litter doesn’t blow around in the wind. Get bins with easy to empty internal liners and your caretaker will find it much easier to empty them. 

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Step ladders 

The trusty step ladder is an essential tool for any caretaker. Whether they are changing a lightbulb, fixing a door-closer or simply maintaining the walls and ceilings of your school – the stepladder is the go-to high-access equipment. Easy to use, compact and safe when used correctly, every school should have a stepladder on site ready for whatever the day brings.