The Complete Guide To Purchase A Stoma Dome

While a stoma helps your body take away waste, the idea of a stoma is a scary one. Imagine a situation when you have to live with a part of your stomach open for some minutes. In the case of a stoma, a part of your stomach is open either permanently or temporarily. To care for the stoma, there’s a container where the stoma empties the waste into. A type of this pouch is the stoma dome. I’ll guide you on the right steps to purchase a stoma dome.

  • Five things you should consider before buying a stoma dome
  1. Weight

For as much as you want to buy a stoma dome, you must remember that you’ll be wearing it for a long period. As a result, you’ll need a lightweight stoma dome. You can’t be carrying a stoma dome that weighs 10kg for long. At a point, you wouldn’t be able to drag the weight. As much as possible a stoma dome’s weight shouldn’t reach one ounce. 

  1. Dimensions

The dimensions of a stoma dome are also as important as its weight. You need a stoma dome that’s wide and deep enough to take waste over time. If it’s not big enough, you may need to change your stoma dome in a short period because it’s filled with waste. Because of this, you will need to find a stoma dome that will take waste over a long period. That way, you can go about your daily activities without any fear of your dome getting filled up. It’s better to buy a stoma dome that can take in enough waste than to buy a stoma dome with little space. Tha. 

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  1. Gentle design

Living with a stoma is not exactly the most interesting experience for anybody. It’s a medical condition that you wouldn’t be proud of, and as such, it should be a secret. Likewise, wearing a stoma dome should be a secret that only you know of. No one needs to know you have a stoma, talk more of a stoma dome. As a result, you’ll need a stoma dome that has a simple design. With a simple design, your stoma dome wouldn’t show behind your dress. For your stoma choice, simple design and colours is what you call beauty. 

  1. Durability 

As much as you need a lightweight and deep stoma dome, you need one that will stand the test of time. When you buy a stoma dome, you should be able to wash the stoma dome after you empty the waste. Moreso, some of the waste from the stoma may have liquid content. Hence, as much as possible, your stoma dome should have Waterproof qualities and should not spoil at the times when you’re washing it. Likewise, the materials used to produce the stoma dome should be quality ones. 

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  1. Washable features

While buying a durable stoma dome is essential, the ability to reuse a stoma dome is equally important. A stoma dome is a long-term solution for those living with a stoma. As much as possible, you should be able to wash your stoma dome when it’s filled with waste. Not only should it be washable, the stoma dome should still be reusable after it has been washed. That way, you only have to clean your stoma dome and reuse, instead of buying a new one every time.