How to deal with physics in class 11

As soon as the students enter the 11th grade, their syllabus drastically changes, the degree of difficulty of concepts changes dramatically, and most school children find it hard to cope with the alteration in the syllabus. As a result, the manner in which the student views the curriculum has a significant impact on how well they undergo the examinations. Whenever it turns to entrance examinations like the JEE Mains or NEET, students should be well prepared to deal with almost all the topics and types of questions in class 11th physics. And not even for entrance exams the students also need to perform well at school level so that they do not lose confidence. When it comes to questioning types, the NCERT is assumed to cover each sort of question via solved illustrations and exercises. Therefore at the end of each concept, there is also an activity based on the concept, which includes all sorts of questions. The NCERT exercises are sufficient to cover the fundamentals, but if you need to delve deeper further into topics and perfect each set of questions, you should take into account using reference materials and solving all of the questions that offer a better knowledge of the chapters. The additional questions in reference sources assist you in becoming more familiar with the subject and honing your conceptual understanding.

There are a few ways given below you can use to deal with physics in class 11th and score good marks in the subject:

  • Know the mathematics

This applies to the students who have opted for the medical stream, it is often seen that the students from the medical stream tend to shy avoid physics and think of it as difficult. This happens due to the lack of mathematical knowledge. So, the students who have taken up the medical field or have less knowledge of higher mathematics, in general, must work on their mathematical skills as this will help them understand the numerical better and since numericals are the backbone of physics, the students can definitely do well in physics.

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  • Read the chapter

Another thing that students often do not do is that they do not read the chapter text given in the NCERT and tend to avoid the theoretical part of the chapter. The students must know that the mathematical part of physics resembles the theory only and if they have a good understanding of the theoretical part of physics then they will be able to understand the derivations better which will build their interest in the chapter. You may also use some reference books for better understanding and to look at some important extra questions.

  • Prepare your own notes

Students must know that when they read the chapters, they must prepare their own notes that have all the relevant information like the important points, derivations, and the formulas used to solve the numerical. Once you have prepared your notes you will find that you have gained a better understanding of the chapters and this will further help you because you will not have to go through the book to revisit the chapter. You should also keep in mind that the notes must be strictly based on the NCERT. You can find NCERT Books Class 11 Physics here.  

  • Clear your doubts

The syllabus of class 11th physics is such that you can get into confusion quite fast and sometimes it happens that the student does not clear his doubt there and then which creates even more confusion. This way a number of doubts pile up and affect your understanding of the chapter. You must clear up your doubts as soon as they occur to prevent any hurdles in your learning process.

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  • Prefer good coaching (if it is feasible)

While it remains the choice of the student to study himself or prefer external coaching to guide into the study processes, but if possible the student should prefer a good and reputed coaching organization to guide the student into the process of studying. The main reason to prefer coaching is that the experienced hand of a good teacher will immensely help the student in organizing his studies in a good manner. The teachers in good institutions not only use interactive ways to make the student understand a difficult concept a lot faster and easier but they also help the kids with their doubts. While in a normal situation if a student gets into a doubt they usually try to solve it by themselves which takes time or they just leave it as it is which hampers their understanding of the subject. Therefore, coaching is necessary to promote a structured and organized way of learning.

  • Practice numericals

Numerical forms the backbone of physics and if you are weak with numerical then physics might not give the desired results to you. Therefore, it’s very important that you practice numerical from the NCERT as well as from other books of your choice as well. The more you practice the numerical the better you will get at it as you will get to know the different ways in which the examiners tend to form questions.

  • Prepare charts of formulas

In order to get used to the formulas used in the numerical and get comfortable with them you must stay in touch with them on a daily basis. To do that you must prepare charts where you will write all the important formulas and then you must go through them every day and while you are practising the numerical you must keep the formula charts handy and eventually you will find that with time you have got the formulas onto your fingertips.  

  • Revise daily

Whenever it arrives to review the chapters, you must understand that it is necessary to be in touch with the already finished chapters as well because if you fail to do that you may not be able to recall that when needed and you must do the revision of the chapters through the formula charts and short review sheets having short summarization of long sections which saves time.

So, the students can definitely follow the steps discussed and can deal with class 11th physics with ease.