Class 6 Maths: How To Prepare

Class 6 is a very important milestone in the life of any student. It is in class 6 that the curriculum studied by the student becomes a bit more vast. There is a sudden hike in the syllabus to be studied, slightly different from what they are used to until class 5. The subject Environmental Studies (EVS) is divided into Science and Social Studies (SST). Also, an extra language is also added to the syllabus, for example, Sanskrit, German, French, etc. Along with this the most dreaded subject of mathematics also becomes quite vast which is why the students find it somewhat difficult to cope with the resulting stress.

  • Maths the daunting subject

To overcome this fear of maths, the student has to start finding ways to love the subject. Maths is not a difficult subject, all it needs is dedicated practice. Being consistent is the key to scoring good marks. Reading the textbook thoroughly and solving all the exercise questions is a very important task in a student’s life. The students must make sure that they understand whatever is being taught in the class. If for some reason they fail to grasp what is being taught, they should never hesitate to ask their teacher right then and there. This will be helpful since if the base concepts are clear the slightly difficult concepts would also seem very easy. Never hang back asking your doubts, fearing the teacher, or thinking that your classmates would make fun of you. The teacher would always be more than happy to solve the silliest doubts that you have.

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  • Benefits of regular completion of homework

Completing the homework and the worksheets provided by the school in time helps in proper practice. Maintain your notebooks neatly for the sake of better understanding. Keep solving questions from previous chapters also to be sure that you have not forgotten those topics. While solving do not check the answers or solutions given at the back of the textbook. It should be strictly checked only after you solve the question yourself because otherwise, it leads to unnecessary tension if you think that you are not leading to the correct answer.

 If you are confident that your concepts are clear and you have completed solving your textbook, go for other reference books so as to solve as many questions as possible. In case you find it a bit difficult, you can always look for RS Aggarwal solution for Class 6  for better doubt clearance and understanding the ways to solve a particular type of question. These days all these books are available digitally as well, which is a huge advantage to all the students and teachers. They can study anywhere and anytime they wish to because of this improved accessibility of study materials. Another huge enhancement brought about by the advancement of technology is the availability of video lectures for students. They find it easier to understand when they can somehow visualize the textual concepts being taught. It helps in developing interest in the subject, persuading students to eventually like it.

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  • Tips to deal with different chapters 

Chapters like mensuration require remembering the formulas correctly as well as having accurate calculations. This can be attained by practicing simple mathematical operations like multiplication and division but some students might find it boring. A more fun way to do this is by introducing these exercises in the form of quizzes so that the students find it a fun yet competitive activity. The students can make a small formula sheet and revise it at least once every 3-4 days. Students might find chapters like quadrilaterals, decimals, and integers slightly confusing. The best way to go about it is by studying these with utmost concentration. Again neat work plays a very important role in chapters like these because it is very easy to mix up or miss out on decimal points which will only lead to further confusion. The topics that include graph work must be tidy and it must have proper markings made with a sharp pencil. The x and y axes must be marked correctly with clean handwriting. These graphs must be maintained either by sticking them to a notebook or by keeping them safe in the file so that it becomes easy for future references. While doing geometry, be assured to have a proper geometry box with all the necessary tools like a compass, pencils, and erasers available. In probability, having some extra knowledge like the number of sides in dice or the number and types of cards in a deck of cards plays a very crucial role. A very new concept of Algebra is introduced in Class 6, which most students find challenging because of the sudden use of alphabets in mathematical operations. Students should take this on as a fun challenge rather than getting scared of it. Also, they should find a way to distinguish between the multiplication sign and the alphabet ‘X’ because this ends up creating a lot of initial confusion in students.

  • Staying dedicated to the subject

Studying with consistency is important, but what is more important is maintaining that consistency. A way to monitor this is by making a systematic progress report and analyzing it to understand your ability better. Parents must monitor whether the child is putting in the efforts that are required. If you are able to score the expected marks for your level of preparation, that is great, but if you are not able to score the desired marks do not get disheartened because there is always a next time to perform better. Trying to stay calm while taking the exams is very important because oftentimes, it is this very lack of calmness that leads the students to forget whatever they have studied.

  • Keeping the mind healthy

Students must always keep in mind that having a healthy body is of equal importance as studying regularly. The body should get an adequate amount of exercise in the form of some outdoor games to keep the mind fresh. While making a timetable table at least an hour or two should be dedicated to playing any game like badminton or cricket. During these pandemic times using smartphones is inevitable but restrictions can be made on the number of screen hours so that the student’s mind and eyes stay healthy and fresh.