How Custom Motor Parts Can Improve Performance And Where To Get Them

Electric motors are often sold as complete, off-the-shelf products that can be directly placed into equipment. They convert electrical power into torque through a series of components, including stator and rotor assemblies. Though they can be designed in many different ways, they are primarily used to control motion in various equipment settings. When they are made to high standards, using quality components, and selected based on the right performance parameters, they will operate reliably for years.

But sometimes standard motors can’t offer the performance needed for more specialized applications. In these cases, selecting and buying parts from an electric motor manufacturer can deliver the results you need.

An electric motor parts manufacturer will offer a series of special components and services that take a standard motor and elevate it to a custom catered solution. These devices will offer exceptional endurance capabilities in uniquely challenging circumstances or precision performance in critical settings. The following parts and services, available from some independent manufacturers, can greatly enhance many different types of electric motors.

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Custom Winding Assemblies

Stator winding assemblies have a substantial impact on how a motor operates and how long it lasts. Incorporating a custom stator and rotor kit can not only enhance the motor’s performance capabilities, but it can also be an option for reducing weight and making equipment more compact.

Depending on how they are wound and the material of the magnet wire, combined with special grinding, honing, soldering, potting, and other special tooling capabilities, it’s possible to create a custom stator assembly that provides more accurate motion control and high-performance power through ultra-compact, lightweight, and resistant hardware.

Custom stator winding assemblies aren’t offered by many electric motor providers. They require special tools and capabilities to construct and customize. Custom coil winding services are provided by some AC motor manufacturers that specialize in the production of high-performance industrial motors.

Rotor Castings

Rotor castings are incorporated into squirrel cage rotors, which are used in some AC motors. They are specially made from materials like pure and alloyed aluminum or a configuration of copper bars.

Custom rotor castings are used to enhance conductivity and reduce the amount of heat and vibration generated during operation. By adding more conductive materials, a motor can be improved so that it’s better suited to notably tough settings.

Like custom winding assemblies, custom rotor castings can be acquired from AC motor manufacturers that maintain the necessary casting and machining capabilities.  

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High-Performance Encapsulation And Potted Coils

Most standard motors will use a varnish coating to protect their stator assemblies, but in high temperatures or especially demanding industrial, aerospace, or defense applications, this coating is not sufficient.

Instead of a varnish coating, potted coil encapsulation provides more robust protection of the stator assembly. It also enables the motor to operate under higher temperature circumstances by drawing heat away from the assembly.

Potted coils are incorporated into a stator assembly through a special curing process known as vacuum impregnation. Not all motor manufacturers offer this added level of protection. Those that specialize in serving industrial, transportation, aerospace, and military markets will be more likely to provide special encapsulation for high temperature or extreme environments.


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