May I Change Solicitors During My Personal Injury Claim?

Most solicitors provide sound advice and appreciable service to their clients. This can sound particularly crucial for personal injury or medical negligence claims. However, there might be circumstances when you feel your current law firm is not providing support as expected due to several reasons. 

You must know that you are entitled to change your solicitors at any time during your claim if so required. When dissatisfied with your current solicitor, it might be wise to instruct someone else to take over your injury claim case. If you have already decided on this, you may visit The Clark Law Office to further discuss your claim.

Common Reasons That Might Prompt A Change Of Solicitors

  • Concerns about the lack of progress on your claim.
  • Consistent unavailability of your solicitor on calls.
  • Inadequate understanding of the severity of your injury.
  • Underestimated claim that might not cover your rehabilitation or future care expenses.
  • Missing legal deadlines due to lack of attention to details.
  • Failure to keep you posted on your claim developments.
  • Concerns about getting appropriate and trustworthy advice.
  • The feeling of rushing into early settlement offers acceptance without sufficient scrutiny.
  • Minimized overall comfort of working with your current solicitors.

How To Switch Your Solicitors

You might fear delaying your injury claim further by changing solicitors. But persisting with an unsatisfied mindset can harm your case further. Perhaps, restarting your claim process with the association of alternate solicitors can yield quicker and better outcomes. Changing your existing solicitors is a time-sensitive process as well. Missing timeframes in the process might risk your personal injury claim becoming invalid.

The process of changing solicitors is usually pretty straightforward, depending on your existing legal contract. After initial discussions with your new law firm, you might need to sign an authorization form in their name. This will help them in getting your files directly transferred from your previous solicitors. However, you might be required to clear any pending dues to your old solicitor before the release of files. Alternatively, if your previous solicitors have been negligent, you might claim back damages and extra costs from them too.

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Tips To Select Appropriate Solicitors For Your Claim

  • Experience – Handling similar cases previously is a definite plus while searching for suitable solicitors. Ask them about their qualifications and years of experience in their professional field. Any recent success with personal injury claims matching your situations might be worth considering.
  • Reputation – Expert law firms might have a superior reputation with insurance companies and local court systems. This can work to your advantage while trying for your injury claim settlement.
  • Focus Area – With so many different specializations within the law, choosing solicitors specific to personal injury for your claim might be crucial. You might better your chances for an appropriate claim by doing this.
  • Client Testimonials – Referrals from your loved ones can be beneficial as well. Try to get some client testimonials from prospective law firms during initial consultations. Do some research online for client feedback before zeroing in on your next solicitors. 
  • Funding Arrangements – Most injury law firms work on contingency, meaning they do not charge any upfront fee from clients. They might charge a percentage from your claim after a win. This can suggest that your solicitors are confident and will work sufficiently for a higher claim.

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Can I Change Solicitors If Legal Expenses Insurance Funds My Claim?

Appointed ‘panel’ law firms are common by legal expenses insurers while funding your injury claim. However, irrespective of what they may say to you, changing solicitors is always your call. Solicitors appointed by expense insurers might be handling too many cases at the same time. As such, they might not be able to devote as much time to your claim as expected. This can trigger dissatisfaction if you feel unwanted delaying in your case. 

Moreover, such solicitors might be based far away from your place. So, physically meeting them when needed can be a challenge too. Due to such reasons, many clients might want to leave their appointed solicitors for better ones.

Personal injury solicitors can provide you with mental peace when you need it the most. They are expected to advocate for a fair claim on your behalf while you heal from your injuries. Your solicitor should be motivated in assisting you legally and passionate about bringing the offenders to justice. Experienced solicitors can not only support you legally in your claim but might also connect you to the best doctors for treatment. 

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