What the world would be like if gold didn’t exist

Imagine a world without gold. At first glance, it may seem like a happy world, where everyone is carefree, enjoying the sunshine and nobody needing to keep track of things like today’s gold rate Kumbakonam or Jaipur. See more. But after a second glance, we would realize that the grass is not green, the sun is not shining and our smiles have been turned upside down.

Let’s delve into the consequences of our new world without gold. T

  1. Effect on technology

For instance people might notice is that their smartphones stop working. Gold plating is used in electronic devices to protect electrical contacts from corrosion and enhance conductivity. Your laptop, your phone, your tablet, and even your computer mouse may contain gold in its circuitry and on its connectors. Microsoft has said that it takes about 17 grams of gold to cover every Xbox 360 circuit board.

  1. Effect on personal finances:

Gold jewellery is a form of savings for many people, especially those with lower incomes. In times of financial distress, gold is one of the most liquid assets available to them. If gold disappears from the world, their life savings could be reduced to nothing. Along with all those hours you wasted finding today’s gold rate in Delhi 22 carats  or for whichever city you live will be for nothing.

  • Effect on other prices

The second thing that would happen is that other precious metals would go through the roof. Silver and platinum would spike in price as people try to find cheaper alternatives to gold. One could argue that silver and platinum are already underpriced relative to gold, as they have both been on a long-term downtrend against gold in recent decades. So even if you believe that gold will eventually return to its previous highs, it’s worth owning silver and platinum now since they should outperform gold in the interim period.

  • Effect on healthcare industry

One of the best ways to visualize what it would be like to live in a world without gold is to look at how we depend on it today. In the medical world, gold is used to help prevent infections, block nerve signals in the brain and treat rheumatoid arthritis. In dentistry, gold is used to fill cavities in teeth. And in cardiology, small amounts of gold are used as markers on x-rays, making it easier for doctors to interpret the images. So all these processes would instantly grind to a halt creating countless problems for many,

More than a third of medical devices (including pacemakers) contain gold, and chemicals containing gold are used to treat arthritis and certain cancers. Without it, our hospitals would have nothing with which to replace blood during transfusions! The same can be said of electronics and computers; there is no substitute for their unique conductivity, reflectivity and resistance to corrosion.

  • Effect on health & beauty industry

The absence of gold would also impact health and beauty products that are sold so widely right now. Medications such as topical creams and ointments, relievers for joint pain, anti-swelling agents, some antidepressants, and certain antibiotics all depend on gold for their effectiveness. 6 Surgical methods that have become commonplace—such as cataract removal—would suddenly become rare due to the lack of effective tools for surgeons. 7 Many cosmetics contain gold as well; in fact, many anti-ageing creams contain colloidal gold particles