What Is Scientific Temper?

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Scientific temper refers to the attitude of individuals or societies that are inclined towards scientific inquiry, rational thinking, and evidence-based reasoning. In this blog post, we will explore what scientific temper is, its characteristics, and its importance in modern-day society.

What Is Scientific Temper?

Scientific temper refers to the mindset of individuals who are inclined towards scientific inquiry, rational thinking, and evidence-based reasoning. It is an approach to life that encourages critical thinking, skepticism, and open-mindedness. A scientifically-tempered individual is one who is willing to question assumptions, beliefs, and opinions, and seeks evidence to support their claims.

Characteristics Of Scientific Temper:

  • Skepticism: Scientific temper is characterized by skepticism, which is the attitude of questioning and doubting claims until they are proven to be true.
  • Rationality: A scientifically-tempered person relies on rational thinking, which is the ability to make logical and informed decisions based on evidence.
  • Objectivity: Scientific temper emphasizes objectivity, which means looking at facts and evidence without being influenced by personal biases or prejudices.
  • Curiosity: A scientifically-tempered person is curious about the world around them and seeks to understand it through inquiry and exploration.
  • Open-mindedness: Scientific temper encourages open-mindedness, which means being receptive to new ideas and willing to consider alternative perspectives.

Importance Of Scientific Temper:

  • Encourages Critical Thinking: Scientific temper encourages critical thinking, which is the ability to analyze and evaluate information to make informed decisions.
  • Promotes Rational Decision Making: A scientifically-tempered person is more likely to make rational decisions based on evidence rather than emotions or personal biases.
  • Advances Knowledge: Scientific temper promotes the advancement of knowledge through scientific inquiry and research.
  • Enhances Problem-Solving Skills: Scientific temper enhances problem-solving skills by encouraging individuals to approach problems systematically and methodically.
  • Fosters Innovation: Scientific temper fosters innovation by encouraging individuals to think creatively and explore new ideas.


In conclusion, scientific temper is an essential aspect of modern-day society. It is a mindset that encourages critical thinking, rationality, objectivity, curiosity, and open-mindedness. Scientific temper promotes the advancement of knowledge, enhances problem-solving skills, and fosters innovation. It is important for individuals and societies to cultivate a scientifically-tempered attitude to promote progress, development, and prosperity.


What Is The Scientific Temper?

Scientific temperament refers to an individual’s attitude of logical and rational thinking. An individual is considered to have a scientific temper if s/he employs a scientific method of decision-making in everyday life.

Why Is Scientific Temper Important?

Indian Constitution on Scientific Temperament

Article 51 A of our constitution which deals with fundamental duties makes it a duty of every citizen to develop a Scientific Temper; (as per clause [h]). It is the Scientific Temper that helps in developing Secularism, Humanism & Spirit of inquiry and reform.

How Can I Improve My Scientific Temper?

How to develop a scientific temper?

  • Encourage him to ask questions.
  • Allow him to seek out answers on his own.
  • Guide and direct him to reliable sources of reference like a dictionary or encyclopedia.
  • Let TV time be more for scientific programs than for entertainment.

Who Is The Scientific Temper In India?

Jawaharlal Nehru coined the term ‘scientific temper’; he defines it as an attitude of logical and rational thinking.


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