What Is EPS In PF?

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In the realm of employee benefits and provident funds, the term “EPS” holds significance, particularly in the context of PF withdrawal. This article aims to elucidate the intricacies of EPS in PF withdrawal, delving into its calculation, the role it plays in employee pensions, and the essential steps involved in understanding and accessing this crucial component.

What Is EPS In PF?

EPS, or Employee Pension Scheme, is an integral part of the Provident Fund (PF) structure in India. It is designed to provide financial security to employees after their retirement by offering a pension based on their years of service and salary history.

EPS Pension Calculator:

An EPS Pension Calculator is a valuable tool that employees can use to estimate the pension they are likely to receive upon retirement. This calculator typically takes into account factors such as the employee’s years of service and the average salary during their contributory period.

EPS Number In PF:

The EPS Number in PF is a unique identification assigned to an employee under the Employee Pension Scheme. It serves as a reference for tracking the individual’s pension contributions and entitlements.

Epf And EPS Calculator:

To gain insights into both the Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) contributions, an EPF and EPS Calculator proves invaluable. This tool helps employees understand the cumulative effect of their contributions over the years and the expected pension benefits.

How To Get EPS Number From Uan:

The Universal Account Number (UAN) is a crucial identifier for employees. To retrieve the EPS Number from UAN, employees can log in to the official EPFO portal and navigate to the ‘Member ID’ section, where the EPS Number is typically listed along with other provident fund details.

Epfo Login:

Accessing information related to EPS and PF often requires an EPFO login. Employees can log in to the EPFO portal using their UAN and password to view details such as EPS contributions, accumulated PF balance, and pension entitlements.

EPS Account Number:

Each employee contributing to the Employee Pension Scheme is assigned a unique EPS Account Number. This number is instrumental in tracking and managing pension-related transactions and benefits.

What Is EPS In PF Withdrawal:

EPS in PF withdrawal refers to the process of claiming the pension benefits accrued under the Employee Pension Scheme. When employees opt for PF withdrawal, they are eligible to receive both their EPF and EPS contributions, ensuring financial support during their retirement years.


In conclusion, understanding EPS in PF withdrawal is pivotal for employees seeking financial security post-retirement. The Employee Pension Scheme, with its unique EPS Number, calculators, and online access through EPFO login, provides employees with transparency and control over their pension contributions.

As employees navigate their career paths, the awareness of EPS in PF withdrawal empowers them to make informed decisions about their retirement planning. Utilizing tools like the EPS Pension Calculator and accessing information through EPFO login ensures that employees stay informed about their pension entitlements, fostering financial well-being in their golden years.


Can I Withdraw My EPS Amount?

This amount can be beneficial for employees in times of need, especially after retirement. On the other hand, the money deposited in EPS accumulates as a pension fund for retirement. If the employment duration is less than 10 years, the EPS amount can be withdrawn in a lump sum during final settlement.

What Is Difference Between Epf And EPS In PF?

Conclusion. Both EPF and EPS are important savings schemes for employees in India. While EPF focuses on creating a retirement corpus for employees, EPS provides pension benefits for employees after retirement.

Who Is Eligible For EPS?

In order to be eligible for availing benefits under the Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS), an individual has to fulfil the following criteria: He should be a member of EPFO. He should have completed 10 years of service. He has reached the age of 58.

How Is EPS Calculated In Epf?

The formula to calculate higher pension is pensionable salary multiplied by pensionable years and divided by 70. It is important to note that the EPS pension amount is subject to a maximum monthly limit set by the government.

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