What Information You Should Give Your lawyer After A Car Accident

After a car accident, the first thing you should do is collect substantial evidence. In a car accident, it is easier to prove that the other party was at fault if you have correct proof. The victim may use the documents to claim insurance and build their case. Always remember the more documents and evidence you provide to your lawyer, the more helpful it will become to convince the insurance company that you deserve a fair settlement. 

When you meet a Houston car accident attorney after the accident, you need to give out as much information as possible. Lack of information can sometimes create a problem for the lawyer to take your case ahead. Therefore, here are a few tips to keep in hand about which information you should give when meeting a lawyer. 

What information should you give your lawyer after a car accident?

  • Insurance policy documents

Your lawyer will ask for a duplicate of your insurance policy provided by the company to find out the types of coverages included in it. Do not panic if you do not have a copy of your insurance. Your lawyer will be able to get one from the company with your approval. 

  • Contact information that you exchanged after the accident.

When you have met with a casualty, you often take contact information like the other driver’s phone number, address, or email. Even if you have already contacted the other driver, make sure you provide the information to your lawyer.

  • Police reports

In Houston, the police arrive at the crash scene and report the situation in a diary. The officer notes down who was at fault in the accident. Make sure you deliver a copy of the report to your lawyer, as it can make a piece of solid evidence to claim insurance.

  • Copy of premium payments

Provide copies of your insurance company premiums to your lawyer. For this, you can also provide bills received from the insurance company or your bank. 

  • Tickets of the accident

In many cases, one or more drivers receive traffic tickets for the following reasons.

  • Drunk driving
  • Overspeeding
  • Using of cellphone
  • Driving in an unsafe way

Other drivers can use those traffic tickets against the injured driver in the accident. Therefore, if you have received any traffic ticket, make sure your lawyer has a copy of it.

  • Medical records and costs

Medical records and payments are vital documents that help recover your bills used in the treatment. Medical records also provide information if you need long-term care, which involves more future expenses. If you face out-of-pocket bills, make sure your lawyer knows it and has the documentation.