What are the Requirements to take Admission into a Master of Arts Degree?

A postgraduate degree is a great and globally recognized way to gain more knowledge in a specific field and make an advancement in one’s career. When compared to its Science or Management counterparts, a Master’s degree in Arts might seem a bit lacklustre, but appearances can be deceptive – as we will prove in this blog.

Master of Arts (MA) degrees are usually on subjects that fall under the broad umbrella of liberal arts and humanities. Though many subjects that don’t seem like they belong to this stream also have MA degrees available in the various MA colleges in Bhopal and the rest of the country. This blog details the requirements to get into various MA degree courses that are available in India, so if you have been considering upgrading your resume with a postgraduate degree, read on to find out more.

Brief Intro to an MA Degree

A Master of Arts degree is a postgraduate degree in any of the various subjects that might or might not fall under the umbrella terms of humanities, liberal arts, or social sciences. In India, MA courses usually last for 2 years. The reason why many people go for this course is that it offers higher education in a wide range of subjects, which opens the door to many opportunities.

Types of MA Courses

There are many MA colleges in Bhopal and the rest of India that offer MA courses in various modes, keeping flexible options available for those who want to pursue these degrees. MA degrees can be found in the following modes:

  • Full Time: This is the most common type of MA course that runs for a duration of 2 years. This is favoured the most as students gain a lot more exposure, skills, and confidence interacting face-to-face with their peers and professors on campus.
  • Part-Time: These are for students who cannot afford to attend full-time classes. These include weekend or night classes, or even online classes. Students can continue to pursue other endeavours like research or employment while studying in a part-time MA course.
  • Distance: Distance or correspondence MA courses are similar to part-time courses in some respects. They follow the distance education methodology.

MA Specializations

There are many specializations or subjects that one can choose from when getting a MA degree. So it does not matter even if you are specifically looking for MA Psychology colleges in Bhopal, as you will probably find one in your vicinity.

We have listed some of the subjects that you can get a Master of Arts degree in at Mansarovar Global University, as it is quite impossible to list all of the various specializations in which one can get an MA degree.

  • MA in Public Administration
  • MA in History
  • MA in Economics
  • MA in Political Science
  • MA in English
  • MA in Hindi
  • MA in Geography
  • MA in Education
  • MA in Social Work
  • MA in Physical Education
  • MA in Psychology

and many more.

How to Apply for Master of Arts Courses?

Students can apply for MA courses both online from university websites or go the offline route and visit the top private university in Bhopal to fill up the form manually. After submitting the form, there might be further rounds of examination by the college officials which might include going through things like entrance exams, personal interviews, group discussions, and counselling. Keep in mind that the exact process varies from college to college.

MA Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

The eligibility criteria for getting admission to MA courses including MA English colleges in Bhopal is usually graduation with 50% marks in most colleges. Some colleges also take entrance exams on the basis of which they finalize admissions.

The rest of the admission process usually includes counselling upon selection, before beginning to attend classes. As we mentioned earlier, some colleges may include things like personal interviews, submission of letters of recommendation, group discussion, etc also so it is necessary to find out what awaits you and be prepared for them.

MA Entrance Exams

Some colleges take entrance exams on the basis of which they take admission, as we mentioned earlier. Here, we list some of the most common MA entrance exams in the country.

  • PU CET
  • TUEE

Skills Required in MA Students

Whether you are studying in any of the MA Economics colleges in Bhopal, or anywhere else for that matter, there are a few skills that you must develop to be successful in your Master of Arts degree. 

  • Dedication: Students should be dedicated to learning and prioritize their education and complete their coursework with discipline and diligence.
  • Enthusiasm: Students should be enthusiastic about getting new opportunities to learn new things and have a mindset of grabbing every opportunity that arises.
  • Ambition: Students should have the ambition and drive to succeed and apply what they learn in class to practical situations.
  • Critical thinking: Students should also be able to think on their feet and take a practical approach to solve complex problems.

Master of Arts Degree: Scope

There is immense scope for those who complete their MA degrees from MA colleges in Bhopal, or the rest of India. They can choose to join the workforce or study further in the research field. One of the great advantages of an MA degree is the diversity it offers, as students can choose to study that specific discipline in which they want to build their future careers. There are usually two options that MA graduates who wish to study further on their preferred subject go for:

  • M.Phil or Master of Philosophy
  • PhD or Doctor of Philosophy

Students can also go for other courses like MBA or study for government service exams or even pursue a diploma or certificate course in allied fields if they wish to after completing their MA.

Otherwise, students can join the workforce as MA graduates find jobs in various fields easily for posts like content writers, teachers, consultants, journalists, etc. The salary of a fresh MA graduate usually ranges between INR 2.8 – 5.5 LPA, depending on the job role and employer.


From prerequisite skills that will help you a lot to various entrance exams, there are quite a few requirements to get admission to an MA degree course in many colleges in India. However, some colleges like Mansarovar Global University just take admission on the basis of merit in graduation too, so there are a lot of options to explore for those looking to get an MA degree.


  • Which is the best time to apply for a Master of Arts Degree?

The best time to apply for a MA degree is usually six months before the course starts.

  • Can I sit for JRF exams after my MA?

Yes. You can sit for JRF exams after completing your MA.

  • Is an MA in Psychology better or an MSc in Psychology?

Both are good courses. Which is better for you depends on your career choice. The MA degree is better if you want to apply your learning to people while the MSc degree is better for a career in research.

  • Will I find other courses in MA colleges in Bhopal?

Yes. MA colleges in Bhopal, like MGU, offer many courses other than MA too.