What Are the Benefits of a Lens Replacement Procedure?

Lens replacement procedures have been around for a long time, and they offer an assortment of benefits. From helping people with vision issues beyond cataracts to short recovery times, a lens replacement procedure is likely an excellent option if you want to permanently improve your eyesight. Read on to learn more about the top six benefits of lens replacement.

Think Beyond Cataracts

Most people assume lens replacement is strictly for cataracts, and they couldn’t be more wrong. The great thing about this procedure is that it can help people with a variety of eye issues, including astigmatism, shortsightedness, and nearsightedness, to see without corrective lenses. Furthermore, it can help prevent cataracts from developing in the first place. Only your doctor can tell you if you’re a qualified candidate; however, there’s a good chance you can get the procedure if you’re over 40.

Safe Procedure

Millions of people get the procedure each year, and complications are rare. Most issues are short-term, such as itchiness or blurriness, and will go away naturally within the first week. One of the prime ways to avoid complications is by finding a quality provider, and as the number one Oklahoma City lens replacement specialist, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Great for Older Patients

LASIK and other procedures tend to have age limits, with most not being suitable for people over 50. With lens replacement, most patients are 40+. This makes it an excellent option for those looking to improve their vision even if they’ve aged out of other procedures.

Permanent Solution

From preventing cataracts to keeping your eyes in the best possible shape, lens replacement is a permanent surgical option. Many eye procedures only last for a few decades at most, but with lens replacement, you’ll be able to see clearly for the rest of your life.

No More Corrective Lenses

Say goodbye to contacts and glasses for good. Lens replacement surgery eliminates corrective lenses as well as the complications that stem from them, including headaches and eye-straining, by providing you with the right lens for your eyes.

Short Surgery and Recovery Times

Surgery typically only takes about 20-30 minutes per eye, depending on the severity of the procedure as well as the selected lens. Recovery for most people is completed within 8 weeks after the second eye (surgery cannot be completed on both eyes at once), with many patients experiencing ideal vision in as little as two weeks.

Lens replacement surgery offers qualified candidates an assortment of benefits, ranging from being accessible to older individuals to allowing people to ditch their corrective eyewear. To see if lens replacement is right for you, contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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