Weekend Trip: Places You Can Visit Around Dubai in a Car 

Weekend Trip: Places You Can Visit Around Dubai in a Car 

Meta description: One of the most popular travel destinations on earth, Dubai has a lot to visit and explore for tourists. Here are some places you can visit in your car

Dubai, a place of iconic buildings, landmarks, and mesmerizing views of natural landscapes is a top attraction for tourists and business owners. People love to spend their holidays or weekends exploring the beauty of this mesmerizing city. From stunning skyscrapers to seven-star hotels and natural Flora to beaches it holds all the points to attract visitors. 

Most people use personal transport or take the services of rental car houses to explore and enjoy the wonders of this marvelous city of the United Arab Emirates with their families. However, if you are in this city on a trip, it’s highly unlikely that you will have a car of your own here. This is where rental services come into the picture. The emirate has abundant options to choose from. You can even find services for rent a car in Dubai Mall

All you have to do is to choose the car you desire, make the payment, and off you are to your destination.

With that said, let’s take a look at the famous spots in and around Dubai you can visit in your car:

Dubai Festival City Mall 

One of the top attractions to drive in Dubai is its giant size Dubai festival shopping mall. With 300 shops and 90 restaurants of delicious food items, this mall is a perfect spot to spend a memorable evening with your friends or family. From all types of brands to marvelous hotels and dancing fountains to mesmerizing fairy wheels, it holds all the temptations to attract the people.

Moreover, the free parking facility makes it more famous and people adore exploring all types of attractions with their loved ones. This glamorous mall of Dubai is situated in a residential area. Therefore, it’s a priority of most people to dine in or enjoy fairy wheels, fountains dancing and magic shows.

It opens in the daytime but the evening is the best time to witness the real beauty of this famous shopping mall.

Soho Garden DXB 

To experience the joy and pleasure of London’s cool environment in the marvelous city of the United Arab Emirates, Soho garden DXB is the best place. This micro piece of entertainment and endless joy of swimming is within a 15 minutes drive from the city site of  Dubai and one can easily reach there in a car. It’s a hub of dining areas and nightclubs.

Every restaurant offers a different taste. Despite drinking and dining, you can also enjoy swimming. A large concert hall is a great addition which makes it the best place for music lovers. People admire driving to this garden on weekends and nourishing their souls with traditional music, various drinks, and superbly delicious cuisines. 

La Mer 

A unique combination of natural beauty, drinking bars, luscious cafes, and mesmerizing shopping marts, this corner is a glamorous place in Dub. To explore The stunning beauty of Dubai in a car, La Mer is an excellent choice. It offers a wide range of activities and entertainment points. People love to sunbathe and swim in the crystal clear water of luxurious pools. It also holds a great variety of restaurants, shopping malls, drinking corners, and coffee points. 

La Mer is just like an entertainment hub for all age groups not only from Dubai but across the globe. Public transport and the metro line did not cover that area therefore, renting a car is the best option to reach this entertainment zone of Dubai. 

Global Village 

Another amazing and fascinating point of Dubai to discover by car is the famous global village. As indicated by the name it holds the culture and traditions across the world. It’s simply a mesmerizing view to witness the emergence of colors, traditions, music, and cuisines of different countries of the world. It holds almost 90 thematic pavilions.

And the interesting fact which surprises you is that each pavilion represents the way of living of a different country. It offers an opportunity to explore the color of the entire world over a single platform. Different corners with different color schemes, clothes, jewelry, electric gadgets, and traditional equipment are simply a perfect scenery of the world to capture in a single eye.

You can enjoy shopping, and dining here with your loved ones. A variety of folk music is also available here to enlighten your soul.  Moreover, different drink corners with an enormous collection of drinks representing the colors of different countries are worth drinking and enjoying the flavors of the world. 


To explore Dubai by car is one of the best ways to witness the maximum beauty of this marvelous place in minimum time. Dubai is a hub of tourism with enormous beauty of nature and man-made buildings. It’s quite hard to discover all the beautiful places of this glamorous zone on a weekend trip. However, you can visit these most famous places in your car by renting it from One Click Drive, or any other car rental agency.


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