Using Virtual Telephony Platform To Receive SMS Online

Nearly every person in the world has and uses a smartphone to enjoy the features of different internet resources. However, despite that, sometimes it might become really difficult due to mandatory phone number verification on certain websites and apps when registering with them. In certain cases, there just could be no opportunity to use a personal number for this purpose. Thus, it becomes impossible to use one or another online service. But it is no longer necessary to put up with this issue. You can receive SMS online at any time of the day without even having a mobile phone just by using virtual telephony platforms.

What Is A Virtual Telephony Platform?

The first virtual telephony platform appeared on market more than ten years ago. Nowadays there are plenty of them available on the internet. But even though they seem to differ from each other, their main purpose is the same. They provide users with virtual phone numbers of various kinds that help to perform various tasks including the reception of SMS from online services.

In fact, such platforms can be used to register on any online service whether it is a website or app without using a personal mobile phone number at all. Moreover, they also offer comparably cheap solutions in this regard. For example, the price of using one virtual number for doing single registration is most often less than $1. Purchasing a new spare SIM card for the same goal costs several times more. The most important thing though is that anyone can operate it.

Who Can Use Such A Service?

This question is on the mind of many potential users. Sometimes some of them might think that virtual phone numbers are available only for either those who have special permission or large commercial companies with appropriate business connections. However, it is not the truth. Virtual telephony platforms and their solutions can be used by any person in the world.

You just need to visit the appropriate website or app which most often doesn’t even ask users to provide confidential information during registration as well as usage. It is enough to complete a simple registration to start using them. So basically everyone who has a modern device and internet connection can take advantage of their services.

Where To Get A Virtual Number For Receiving SMS?

With the increasing availability of various technologies such a service as virtual numbers became accessible to everyone. It is no longer required to go through difficult processes and spend hours in order to get a virtual phone number for receiving SMS. These days it can be performed in a few minutes via platforms such as SMS-Man. This company has been in the virtual telephony industry for a few years and currently offers all possible solutions at an affordable price.

Obtaining through it a virtual number for creating an account on a certain online service is easy. Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Register at and verify your profile by clicking a link from the received email.
  2. Log in to the website and proceed to the payment tab.
  3. Select one of the available payment methods and use it to top up your balance.
  4. On the main page choose the country of the virtual number provider and website or app that you are going to sign up for.
  5. Press the buy button to get a virtual phone number with appropriate parameters.

It was just a matter of time. Now put the purchased virtual number on the registration page of chosen service and request sending a verification text message. Once it is sent, switch back to SMS-Man and click “Get SMS”. Use the received code that will appear right under the number to create a profile. Going this way makes it possible to receive SMS online and thereby register on any internet platform without the need to use a personal phone number in just a few minutes.