Ultimate expert tips to hire a personal injury lawyer for your case

If you have nurtured the notion that you can hire the first personal injury lawyer you meet, you’re most likely wrong. It is a rather daunting and complicated process as you have to hire the best lawyer. Unless you hire the best lawyer, you can’t win the case. Having said that, it goes without mentioning that you need to ask some of the most vital questions before hiring a Chicago personal injury lawyer

The questions that we will share with you in this post are all direct and any personal injury lawyer should be able to answer them without any hesitation. In case you think that the lawyer is not giving you straight answers, you should interview others before choosing the right one. Here is a list of a few questions that you should ask a PI Lawyer. 

Did you win similar cases as mine? If yes, how many?

Only having the required documentation that proves that he is a personal injury attorney doesn’t mean that he has successfully handled cases that are similar to yours. You should be eager to hire a personal injury lawyer who has not just handled cases that are the same in nature as yours but has also won them several times. 

Don’t just rely on their answers; ask for proof. Ask them to show you the results of the previous cases he is talking about. Once you see the proofs and evidence, you can be confident about the abilities of the attorney. 

How long have you been in business?

Among the most vital concerns before hiring a personal injury lawyer is the span of time through which the lawyer has been in business. Ask him how long has he been practicing law and especially personal injury law. Wouldn’t you like to hire someone who has had enough experience in handling PI cases and has a high chance of winning as well? 

Even a small blunder could lead you to lose the case and this will mean a waste of your time and resources. Hence,  it is always better to not hire someone who has been new to the industry. 

What is the charge for your legal services?

Before you appoint a lawyer for your case, it is vital to be sure about the charges they charge. Would you want to hire an attorney only to, later on, realize that their services are much beyond your ability to pay? 

Personal injury lawyers are not so expensive as they charge a contingency fee basis. Contingency fees mean that they will be paid only after the monetary settlement of the client and hence you don’t need to pay any upfront legal fee. You should also ask the percentage of money that they’ll charge to avoid future discrepancies in agreement. 

So, now that you know the questions to ask a personal injury lawyer, you should follow them in order to make wise decisions while appointing one for your case.