TikTok Creators Program: How to get paid by posting on TikTok?”

As we know, so many individuals have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus, people are seeking new cash sources and earning opportunities. Many people make money on social media by becoming social influencers on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. TikTok is the fastest growing of these social applications; Easterling and others on the list demonstrate that individuals can use TikTok to earn money. In reality, TikTok income calculators will predict how much money every public TikTok account will generate.

Yes, TikTok will give you money, courtesy of a freshly established $200 million creator fund. You won’t get rich, but here’s how much you’ll get paid from TikTok’s ‘Creator Fund.’

Get paid by TikTok: 

TikTok has established a $ 200 million creative fund, which is expected to rise to $ 1 billion by 2023. TikTok pays authors directly to publish videos through this scheme. TikTok has been ambiguous about how much creators may make and how many are funded. According to TikTok experts, receiving money from TikTok requires at least 10,000 views and followers in the previous 30 days on your account – although the platform has not officially acknowledged this.  

TikTok content artists can apply via their TikTok profile. If you fulfill the minimal requirements, TikTok will invite you to use it in the notification section.

If you are just getting started, you may want to buy followers or views from this website (BuzzVoice.com) or this one (tink.ws), which offers various other services. You need to choose a package; for example, if you want to buy followers, you must input your username and choose a plan starting at $5 for 100 followers. You have the option of paying using credit card or Bitcoin. 

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Earning from TikTok: 

Sponsorship is one of the most straightforward and most efficient methods to earn money on TikTok. You may contact them via an agency that links marketers with Influencers, according to the needs of both sides. You can carry out these promotions in a variety of methods. They might be both direct and indirect. For example, you may cooperate with a business by unpacking their items or becoming an ambassador by starring in a few of their videos wearing or using their brand’s clothing or accessories. 

When you gain a large number of followers, you can approach businesses with a cooperation proposition. They make one or more short clips in their manner to advertise a company’s goods.

You can start earning money on TikTok in several ways. By making videos on this platform, you may earn a living in a variety of ways.

TikTok has become a haven for some of the world’s most famous superstars. You might be thinking there are other methods to make money on TikTok. There are a lot of ways! Here are five legal plans to earn cash on TikTok:

– Uploading videos

– Creating sponsored content (including advertising)

– Selling products or services via your channels

– Selling branded stuff such as hats or shirts through your channel 

– Influencer marketing


A few authors claimed earnings of $0.02—$0.04 for every 1,000 views. That means the ordinary TikToker isn’t going to get rich off the Creator Fund very soon.

Those with millions of views, on the other hand, might receive up to million dollars from the Creator Fund.

TikTok claims that the $200 million it has committed to the Creator Fund in the United States is only the beginning. Within the following three years, the firm intends to expand the fund’s size to more than $1 billion. The fund represents a significant investment for a firm whose global projected sales were around $200 to $300 million in the last years.

To summarize, TikTok pays you, but you shouldn’t quit your day job to produce videos anytime soon.