The 6 Best Florida Cities for Retirees

When it comes time to retire, plenty of folks throughout the entire U.S. are thinking about one thing for certain and that’s their move to Florida. Once the working days are behind them, they know they’ll be in for plenty of sunny days and wonderful beaches. The only issue is figuring out where in the state to move. 

Having an entire state with great benefits, such as low cost of living and no income tax, makes it hard to just choose one place to settle down. When in the Sunshine State, that’s OK because every inch is a pure treat. If you’d love a little help figuring out which cities should be on your shortlist, here’s a couple of great choices everyone can agree on. 


Just because you are done heading to the office every day doesn’t mean you are looking to leave the city life behind. There’s much to love about cities in general, especially Tampa, so who can blame for you having this on your radar? The great thing is just because you’ll be in a more urban area doesn’t mean you’ll have to be too far from the beach. Florida is a state where you can have it all and Tampa is a shining example of all there is to offer. 


How can a conversation about retirement in Florida not turn to golf? If that’s all you are craving, above all else, why wouldn’t you move to what’s frequently referred to as the golf capital of the world? As great that sounds, there’s even more Naples has to offer. There’s plenty of shopping and restaurants as well. 


If you are someone that’s considering things a little further from the coast, this is where you’ll want to be. The good news here is that you won’t be far from the beach so a weekend there can happen whenever you’d like it. The University of Florida is the main anchor to the town so those who love a college town feel will be right at home in Gainesville. 

Cape Coral

There’s the classic boating image that comes to mind when many think about Florida. If these exciting images look like the life you are hoping for during retirement, this is where you’ll want to live. Of course, seeing plenty of boats on the water is a common sight in Florida, but this is where it’s most popular.

Saint Petersburg

Those who feel Tampa isn’t quite right but are looking for something in that area, check out Saint Petersburg houses for rent to find that perfect middle ground. Just because it’s not the largest city in the area doesn’t mean things are completely quiet either. There’s plenty to do for those who love restaurants and the nightlife and all of it is perfectly packed into downtown Saint Petersburg.

Fort Myers

Who said you can’t have it all? Fort Myers is perfect for those who are looking to experience Florida head on but still want to keep their budget in mind. Mind you, the average home price is still over $325K but that’s plenty fair when looking at what you are getting for your dollar as residents have plenty of access to all the staples they imagined before making the move.