Seven common mistakes binary options traders make

Binary options trading has been trending over the last few years as more and more people engage in it. Newcomers are excited at the prospect of making money through this remarkable all-or-nothing trading medium within a short time.

However, many of these newcomers make many mistakes when trading binary options. For instance, they hardly consider the importance of binary options brokers like or how they contribute to the success of traders.

Here are other top 7 mistakes binary options traders make:

Lack of adequate research

Many new traders delve into binary options trading without any research or plan. Then, when they start – and keep – losing money, they wonder what went wrong or even point accusing fingers at binary options brokers.

To trade binary options successfully, you must conduct in-depth research. So, dive deep into the financial markets and look for the strategies experienced brokers are relying on.

Then put your findings into practice by making plans and implementing them on demo accounts every day. This is the only way you can get good at trading binary options.

Assuming all binary options brokers are legitimate

Like in nearly every industry, there are genuine binary options brokers, as well as dishonorable ones. Legitimate brokers are usually regulated and have track records of hosting user-friendly platforms, timely payouts, and competitive returns. They mostly require low minimum deposits.

Many binary options brokers are less than untrustworthy and are typically not regulated. They take advantage of newcomers and fleece them of their investments even before they realize it.

Chasing losses

There will come a time in which you will lose while trading binary options. Unfortunately, this is where most newcomers allow their emotions to get the better of them. They throw all caution to the wind and start chasing their losses. This is one of the biggest or worst mistakes you can make as a binary options trader.

Chasing losses never brings any good results; it will only result in more considerable losses. Therefore, don’t allow your losses to push you to start making foolish trades that will incur more losses until your capital is wiped off completely.

Instead, create and implement a system that will generate consistent wins. If you lose several trades back-to-back, you may need to reevaluate or review your trading system.

Starting binary options trading with real money

Trading binary options with real money is one of the costliest mistakes in this industry. Fortunately, several regulated binary options brokers now offer their clients free demo accounts after completing their first deposits.

If you’re new to binary options, the best way to become proficient at trading is by using a demo account. This is where you implement all the strategies, methods, or tactics you’ve learned from the pros in the industry.

You will also gain lots of experience and knowledge about the behavior of the market, how volatile it is, how prices move from one point to the other, the use of assets, etc.

Poor choice of trading instrument

Knowing the right asset to trade at specific periods contributes to the number of successful binary options trades you make. Choosing the right asset should be a part of your trading strategy. You need to analyze that asset’s price movement to make profits.

But newcomers often get lost, probably due to the exposure to the large variety of trading instruments. As a result, they make the wrong choice of instruments to trade and lose lots of money.

Failing to focus

Many experts talk about diversification as a means of preventing binary options traders from losing all their capital. This may be sound advice, but many newcomers take this information wrong.

They open too many accounts on several platforms, hoping to be in the money within a short time. But this is not an excellent money management strategy. You will find it too much to handle in the long run, as monitoring all the multiple open positions simultaneously is next to impossible.

Experienced traders may take that risk since they know what is at stake. But newcomers will find it stressful since they have little understanding of how things work with trading binary options.

Bad money management

Trading above 5 percent of their capital is another colossal mistake new binary options traders make daily. This is why a few unsuccessful trades blow their account and turn to brokers as the culprit behind their woes.

What you should always have at the back of your mind is that binary options trading is a long-term business. The most successful traders learn and implement excellent money management.

Be patient; if you make at least 5 percent of your balance daily, you will be making a lot more than you would if that money was in a savings bank account.


You can make lots of money trading binary options. But you have to be strategic and smart. This does not imply that you wouldn’t make any mistakes trading binary options; you will because it comes with the territory.

However, reviewing the list above will help you avoid the costliest mistakes as you trade skillfully and profitably.