Safe Ways to Smoking Using an Apple Bong and More

No matter how you prefer to get high, there are safe ways of doing it. Simply make sure to use a triple-layer activated carbon filter, take shallow inhales, and keep mouthpieces clean to reduce germ spread.

Bongs feature a bowl for loading cannabis and a downstem that leads to their mouthpiece for smoking. Bongs may be considered the healthiest method as their design filters out smoke before inhaling it directly.


Pipes are among the easiest and safest ways to enjoy cannabis. No matter your level of experience with cannabis, knowing how to pack and smoke a bowl properly is a fundamental skill that should not be ignored. Pipes are convenient and discrete – ideal choices for anyone seeking an easy way to enjoy their cannabis! You can visit this site to learn more about where cannabis is legal. 

Your choice in pipe selection depends on personal taste: either with or without a carb (also called “neck”). A carb allows users to control how much smoke is inhaled at any given time. There are different shapes and sizes of carbs that can be purchased both online and at brick-and-mortar retailers.


Cannabis poses less health risks than many legal substances, yet smoking too much still carries risks if done in excess. This is often due to weed tar building up in your lungs over time – however, there are ways you can reduce this issue and make your smoking routine safer.

To lower potency and extend effects, take smaller hits more frequently. This will not only decrease potency but will also prevent you from inhaling as much weed tar and resin. Click the link: to learn more about weed resin.

Furthermore, cleaning your piece regularly is also recommended to avoid the build-up of tar and bacteria that may exist within it as well as help decrease any inhalable substances such as smoke.

One great way to make smoking safer is by using a bong. A bong is a smoking device that uses water to filter smoke and cool it down, making it less taxing on your lungs and reducing harmful chemicals in it. Many people add ice cubes to thebong to further cool it down and reduce any harm caused by harmful chemicals in it.

At any dispensary, bongs can be easily purchased, but you can also create one yourself easily at home using anything from soda cans to empty water bottles. A plastic bowl may melt when lit and release harmful chemicals into your weed, making it not ideal.

Smokers often opt for homemade rigs because they are both more affordable and enjoyable to make themselves. One advantage of DIY rigs is that you can build one from any fruit or vegetable. 

One of the sturdiest and most common organic pipes available is one made from an apple. Step one in how to make an apple bong involves selecting an apple of appropriate quality. Look for one that is crisp and fresh without becoming so mushy as to collapse when boreholes are made in it. 

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Furthermore, check the apple for any marks or blemishes on its skin; if wax has covered its surface, then scrub it away before continuing with this step.

As soon as your apple is properly prepared, use a pen (or knife) to poke a hole near its stem in its center. Do not poke all the way through; only create a tunnel for smoke to travel down when using your apple bong. After creating one hole, create another one followed by a third that is connected to both of the first ones to form an apple bong with two chambers for smoking purposes.

Once you have created a bowl-shaped section out of an apple where its stem used to be, add a screen. Finally, pack your apple bong with your preferred cannabis strain and start smoking!


A joint is an easy and enjoyable way to consume cannabis, made by grinding up your herb and placing it into a small piece of paper. Although tasty, they produce harmful smoke for your lungs; however, by using filters and taking shallow inhales you can minimize exposure.

How much marijuana you put in your joint is ultimately up to your own personal preference and desired smoking intensity. As a guideline, experts suggest starting off with around half a gram and increasing that as you become adept at rolling.

Before beginning rolling, it is essential that both hands and tools are thoroughly cleaned. Also, empty out your grinder to check for any stems that could puncture paper or alter an even burn.

Find high-quality rolling paper along with a packer (a long, thin object that fits inside the end of a joint and helps pack it tightly), since any empty spaces can cause uneven burning of the joint.

Once your rolling paper is prepared, it is time to use your packer. If using a pre-roll cone, this might come included with it; otherwise, you can use any long and thin object that will fit within its confines – just be sure that it packs tightly, or else your joint could collapse on itself and break!


A blunt is a cannabis cigar wrapped in tobacco or another cannabis leaf and produced with similar effects as a joint; however, its size makes it different and produces different highs. You can visit this site for more information on the health benefits of marijuana.

You can make one either manually or using pre-rolled cigarillos; though making a blunt is usually done by experienced smokers so if you need help from another smoker, it might be worthwhile asking someone else for assistance!

Before you begin rolling cannabis, prepare the material by grinding and removing the filter tip from a pre-rolled cigarillo or blunt wrap (this step is known as “raking”). 

Next, cut open your blunt wrap lengthwise using a knife, empty its contents, save some for later use, or discard some. Moisten the blunt by either rubbing your fingertips over it or breathing on it to help ensure its integrity remains and avoid cracking when rolling it up.

Distribute the weed evenly across the bottom half of your blunt wrap, add tobacco (if applicable), and any additional flavorings like a kief or crumbled dabs for an enhanced smoking experience. 

Once everything is ready, roll up your blunt carefully using back and forth motions while making sure to tuck over and around behind the weed as you form a cylindrical-shaped item. If having difficulty rolling your blunt, try moistening the paper again or trying hemp or using rice wrappers as an alternative option.