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Ranu Mondal Biography


Ranu Mondal is a poor woman but god gifted her amazing voice. And her voice helps her to become popular nowadays.


Ranu Mondal was an orphan and lost her parents at a really young age and was brought up by her maternal uncle and since childhood, she wanted to become a singer, but when she married Bablu Mondal and had an assistant. She traveled to Mumbai to work as helper.


She got a job in the house of iconic actor Feroz Khan. Even there, she could not turn it into a big career. After the death of her husband, she again went to Ranaghat to help her aunt. It was almost the end for her where she was separated from her daughter.


How Ranu Mondal become popular or viral nowadays?


While living in Ranaghat she spent her life begging and expecting nothing from that life. when Atinder Chakraborty requested her to sing again by offering her a cup of tea and a biscuit. Overnight fate changed and it became a viral video and Kismet finally knocked Ranu’s door. She soon became famous. She is now got a golden opportunity to singing a song for Himesh Reshammiya.


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Ranu Mondal Full Bio, Age, Family


Real Name Renu Ray (Also known as Renu Mandal)
Born 10, October 1959
Hometown Ranaghat, West Bengal
Favorite Singer Lata Mangeshkar
Genre Melodious Songs
Her Role Model Lata Mangeshkar
Achievement Became popular singer overnight by just a single Video on Social Media.

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Ranu Mondal Birth Place & Personal Info.


Ranu Mondal was born in a Christian family on November 5, 1960, in Ranaghat, West Bengal, India. She was born in a poor family

Ranu Mondal is married to Babul Mandal and she has a daughter


Some facts about Ranu Mondal


  • Ranu Mondal never undergone any formal training by a teacher, all he possesses is a God-gifted natural talent that is built on days of hard work.
  • Ranu Mondal loves wearing makeup and all he did was color his hair.
  • Ranu Mondal is very fond of sarees.
  • Ranu Mondal also says that this is a rebirth of the chance to make a successful career and he did not let it go.
  • Ranu Mondal lost her parents at a young age and was reared by her aunt.

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