Little tricks to improve expertise in Excel

If you are a computer science student, you need to be well-equipped with technicalities associated with Excel sheets. In fact, these days, excel sheets are the foundation for different subjects like accounting and taxation. Most students look towards getting excel homework help because they don’t have any prior knowledge about the subject.

The Microsoft Excel 2010 version has come up with many surprises for students. If you are new to the world of data loaded excel sheets, we are here to help. In this article we will help you in getting different tips that will help you in completing all assignments related to excel without getting any assignment help from a third-party.

Here are the the useful excel spreadsheet secrets that will help you in completing homeworks and assignments without looking for Excel homework help:

Select all in single click

You might know that Ctrl+A shortcut to select. But you should also know another secret of selection so that you can complete homework without assignment help. The single click of the corner button will enable you to select the data within a second.

Open excel files in bulk

Rather than opening files one by one, you can also open excel files in a bulk. This is especially beneficial for students who belong to the accounting domain. Select the file that you want to open and press the enter key. This way, all files will get opened all at once.

Shift between excel files

When you have lots of excel spreadsheets open, it can get quite difficult to shift between different files because a single wrong step can ruin your entire project. Thus, you can use the Ctrl+Tab to shift across different files with ease. This formula can also be applied to other files in the window tab.

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A new shortcut menu

There are three shortcuts in the top menu that can save, undo typing, and repeat typing. But, if you want to add more shortcuts in the menu, you can do so by setting up as:

File> options> Quick access toolbar, add cut and copy from the left column to the right and save it. You will see two more shortcuts that will be added in the top menu.

Adding a diagonal line to a cell

When you want to create an excel sheet with an address list and you don’t want to get excel homework help, we can help you. The home> font> borders can change the borders in a cell. In addition to this, it can also add different colors to the cell. But, when you click more borders, you will get more surprises like a diagonal line. All you need to do is click and save it. You can now make borders immediately.

Adding rows and columns

You may know the trick to add a new row and column. But, if you want to repeat the same process, it may become a cumbersome task. Thus, we have come up with a shortcut for this. The best way is to drag and select X rows and columns if you want to add the rows and columns above or right. Right click can also highlight the rows and columns. Choose from the drop down menu and a new row will be inserted above the row or to the left of the column whichever you choose.

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Copy data in cells quickly

If you want to just move a column of data in the Excel spreadsheet, the best way is to move the pointer to the border. When you get the crossed icon, you will be able to drag the column freely. In case you want to copy the data, you can press the Ctrl button before you drag to move. The new column will easily copy all selected data.

Delete the blank cell

Sometimes any cell may remain blank because of many reasons. If you want to delete the cell to maintain accuracy, the best way is to filter out all blank cells and then delete them within a single click. To do thus, you can choose the column that you want to filter. Go to Data> filter and then the downward button will show up. Select all and pick up the last option that shows blank. You will immediately see all blank cells. Go back home and delete the option. The cell will be removed immediately.

Search with wildcards

You may know that the best way to search is by using the shortcut Ctrl+F. But, you can also use the wild cards Question Mark and Asterisk to search easily. This shortcut is used for vague search in an excel sheet. This can be used when you are not sure about where your target data lies. The question mark stands for one character and Asterisk represents one more character.

Quick navigation

The Ctrl+any arrow button on the keyboard will enable you to jump to the edge of the sheet in any direction. If you want to jump to the bottom line of the data, all you need to do is press Ctrl+down button.

We hope all these tricks will help you in getting expertise in Excel sheets and you won’t have to look for assignment help in Excel again.