Is It Safe To Consume CBD While Pregnant? 

Cannabis is a prominent plant containing cannabinoids CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol THC compounds. Cannabis is widely and increasingly being used to produce various cannabis-derived products, most of which are under question whether they are safe, especially for pregnant mothers.

According to various clinical studies, the CBD compound has profound adverse effects when used by people in general, including liver damage, harmful interaction with other medications, and extreme sleepiness. But what happens if you, as a pregnant or breastfeeding mother, use CBD-derived products? Is CBD safe for you? DigiDrs are medical marijuana doctors who can guide expectant mothers concerning CBD use.

CBD And Preeclampsia

As more research is done on CBD, scientists are learning even more about the health benefits of this naturally occurring chemical. For example, a study published in Pharmacology & Pharmacy found that cannabidiol could play an essential role in treating pre-eclampsia in pregnant women.

Pre-eclampsia is a serious condition that can occur when a pregnant woman suffers from uncontrolled high blood pressure, which can eventually develop into eclampsia. Eclampsia is typically fatal for expectant mothers and often requires emergency medical help. Those who survive are often left with permanent physical disabilities, such as chronic hypertension.

Since pre-eclampsia has no uniform cure, scientists are looking for different ways to help treat it. This article provides evidence that CBD can act as an anti-inflammatory agent and may fight this condition in some women. Although the study only ran for a few days, it demonstrates how promising CBD is in the fight against pre-eclampsia.

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Effects Of CBD On Pregnant Women

Although little research has been conducted on the effects of CBD on pregnant women, the US Drug and Food Administration (FDA) strongly disapproves of its use by pregnant women. That follows the FDA’s few data and few answerable questions concerning CBD and pregnant women.

Unlike THC, the CBD compound is not associated with the ‘high’ effect after use. It does not have a mind-altering tendency. Still, its harmful effects on the fetus are well-known. As a general rule, anything you smoke during pregnancies affects the well-being of the fetus. That includes eating CBD gummies and applying CBD cream. While various sources might point to their usefulness health-wise, more studies need to be done by the FDA to expose more facts.

Another body of study, The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cautions health providers to guide pregnant women using marijuana and its byproducts. Although this body is not clear on the future well-being of babies subjected to CBD, it questions whether CBD use works for pregnant women, the right dosage if it works and the effects they may have if used with other drugs. Also, other harmful effects and safety concerns are under scrutiny by the CDC.

Additionally,  marijuana use may affect fetal brain development. Using a mouse in various tests, the University of Minnesota researchers found that exposure to CBD during pregnancy and lactations had long-term negative effects on the fetus’s brain functioning. The rate of brain damage of female offspring was close to that of males, with visible signs of increased anxiety. When the group closely examined their brain cells, they found hundreds of genes having been damaged severely. Most of these had neurological disorders such as epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder, and substance use disorder.

Also, after reviewing more than 32 studies of both animals and humans, the researchers concluded that CBD has profound effects on males’ reproductive systems in particular. These effects include low rates of fertilization, effects on pituitary and gonadal hormones, and the abnormal size of their testes.

Additionally, as a pregnant mother, you might have a premature birth. That also includes having babies with low birth weight. That’s because CDB and THC enter the fetus’s blood and initiate a chain of negative reactions. Also, if you’re using CBD-containing products while breastfeeding, you should be aware that traces of CBD and THC can stay in your breastmilk for at least six hours after consumption. And while breastfeeding, these traces can get into the newborn’s blood and cause hyperactivity and poor cognitive function. Also, just like tobacco which contains many harmful compounds, CBD products can have harmful effects if smoked around newborns.

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What’s More?

On the other hand, most CBD products found in marketplaces contain various harmful contaminants, with only a few reputable firms dealing in good quality products. Most of these contaminants can worsen pregnancy-related side effects.

For instance, you can experience increased cases of diarrhea or constant tiredness when using CBD while pregnant. Cases of diarrhea often result in dehydration, a risky state, especially for pregnant women. So, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend that you consult with your current physician or a medical marijuana doctor to guide you on the best way forward.