How to Use the PNR Status Magic Tool?

Indian Railway is the most comfortable and cost-effective mode of transportation for millions of the Indian population. Obtaining a confirmed reservation appears to be a major accomplishment for many people. However, reserving tickets is not as tough as it appears due to the implementation of information technology.

Passengers who frequently travel on a tight schedule will likely be familiar with waitlist tickets. It isn’t easy to obtain a confirmed ticket during the rush season. If the ticket is on a waitlist, then checking the PNR status becomes a magical tool to give you comprehensive information.

With these considerations in mind, IRCTC decided to eliminate the headache of PNR enquiry at station counters. With so many train enquiry apps, it is easy to online check the status of PNR. It provides travellers convenient ways to check their updated IRCTC ticket status live. Here’s the novel approach for checking tickets’ current status.

Features of PNR Status Magic Tool

The features of the PNR Check Magic Tool are as follow:

  1. Information of passenger name, gender, and age.
  2. Provide information on seat number and coach number. If you forget your seat or coach number, you can recheck it with a PNR number.
  3. The total fare and number of passengers are shown to cross-check.
  4. Date of the journey and from which mode the ticket is booked is the basic information you get from PNR enquiry.
  5. Chart prepared status is mentioned. This helps to know the final status of your ticket.
  6. Provides the updated status of the ticket if it is waitlisted, RAC or confirmed. If the train ticket is not confirmed, you can arrange alternative modes of transportation.

PNR Enquiry With RailMitra Magic Tool

All IRCTC passengers can use the PNR 10-digit status Magic tool for checking their updated train ticket Status in real-time. It is very easy to check the status of your PNR ticket in real-time and access all necessary information on your travel with a single click on the RailMitra app.

How Do You Check the PNR 10-Digit Status of Indian Railways Trains?

PNR enquiry service is used to verify the status of your reservation rail ticket confirmation. It displays the outcome of your train ticket reservation. It is confirmed, waitlisted, RAC, and so forth. The outputs of ticket status are shown in a fast, precise, and straightforward way. Most passengers know and trust India Railways authorized partner, RailMitra, for conducting a PNR check. 

You can conduct a PNR check via the RailMitra app by following the below-mentioned instructions: 

  • Enter the 10-digit PNR Number in the relevant text field to see the current reservation status of your rail ticket booked with Indian Railways. 
  • Then select ‘Get PNR Status’ from the drop-down menu. 
  • Within a few moments, you will be redirected to another page where you will receive your results. 

RailMitra’s PNR check tool always yields significant results. 

What if You Are Unable to Check Your PNR Status?

If you didn’t see any PNR confirmation results, there’s a significant chance the information hasn’t been updated. The journey time of a reserved train may take more than 24 hours, or you may have to wait until the reservation chart is generated. 

To deliver reliable PNR tracking results to passengers, RailMitra has developed some tracking solutions. Live reports, real-time results, and seamless integration are some benefits of RailMitra’s PNR checking tool. 

Why Is PNR Check Crucial to Every Indian Railway Passenger?

PNR (Passenger Name Record) is a term that is frequently used and is regarded as highly important. You can get detailed information about a passenger’s ticketing details by checking the status of PNR. Have you ever thought about why this ten-digit number is so crucial? The PNR number is a 10-digit magic number that can inform the passengers of seat availability once entered into a computer system. It is a number that is used to retrieve and update seat information.

You may verify your updated ticket status in a variety of ways. This verification would provide you with all of the information you require. The seat availability status is constantly changing due to last-minute cancellations or bookings. You may check your PNR ticket status before travelling by visiting the RailMitra website.

How Often Should You Check Your PNR Number Status?

It is advised that you must monitor the status of your PNR Number at least once before boarding the train because it will tell you everything you need to know about your train, including your berth, seat, and other details.

If your reservation is confirmed, verifying the current ticket status will suffice because all of the information regarding your voyage has been confirmed. You may learn everything you need to know about your trip by checking your ticket status once.

You must check your train PNR regularly if your reservation is on the Waiting List or the RAC list. It is refreshed as early as an alteration in the train movement or schedule or if any person cancels their ticket.

Travellers are unaware of frequent changes in the PNR status. Therefore, it is crucial to assess your ticket Status at least once before departing, and much more than once if you are on the WL or RAC List, to see whether your reservation is confirmed or not.

The Bottom Line 

During cultural events or on high-traffic routes, it’s common to be unable to obtain confirmed train tickets. As a result, verifying your PNR status is critical for getting the most up-to-date information on your train reservation. 

RailMitra is a dedicated internet platform that gives real-time information to travellers. RailMitra allows you to check the status of your ten digits, PNR number, and confirmation likelihood, as well as the live train running status and IRCTC news.

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