How to safeguard your locality from electricity accidents?

The main hazards affiliated with electricity are electric shock and fire. Electric shock and fire are mortal; preventing electrical accidents must be a goal everyone should pursue, as electric shock can cause serious injury that can be life-changing. 

In the summer, energy consumption will double when we use electrical appliances such as air conditioners, fans, refrigerators. The emerging tendency to “work from home” increases the electrical load when using devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and televisions. Increased energy consumption can increase the risk of electric injury.

As per the statistics from the NCRB(National Crime Records Bureau), at least 3,000 people die each year from electricity-related accidents in the country during the change of seasons. Therefore, the energy infrastructure must be synchronized with the increasing load on the site. Sadly, people do not know or ignore this basic information, which often leads to life-threatening accidents.

To give families or localities a safer home, we need to equip our homes with devices that act as protective screens to protect us from electric shock. Beneath are various safety tips to keep our loved ones safe.

Establish the RCCB or ELCB devices to avoid current leakage

RCCB (residual-current device)or ELCB (Earth leakage circuit breaker) is one of the most commonly overlooked devices in households or societies. These are the essential devices that can break a circuit in a fraction of a second in the event of a current leak, thus preventing electric shock. While it is a valuable lifesaving and accident prevention tool, almost 90% of households do not have it.

However, modern innovative ELCBs are available in the form of plugs or adapters that protect against leakage current at the plug level. It can be installed with washing machines, air fresheners, water heaters (geysers), and almost all devices are more sensitive to water, electricity, and man interaction. RCCB, commonly known as special shielding equipment, is essential in every home. Along with these devices, outdoor rack enclosure is also very helpful to prevent electrical accidents.

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Install Surge Protection Devices

Surge protection devices are often lacking in older buildings and societies. According to ICA India, about 35% of reported short circuits and fires are due to buildings with outdated electrical structures; Frequent surges can damage all electrical appliances in a home in a fraction of a second if overvoltage protection is not part of the circuit. The surge protection device suppresses transient voltages and rejects the voltage to the ground, thereby withdrawing the device, preserving valuable electronic equipment.

Use MCB to avoid current overload and short circuit

In modern apartments, the increase in home electronic devices can cause the current overloading. Homes outfitted with various electrical and electronic equipment require the right switchgear combination that can isolate electrical circuits and protect electrical equipment.

Thus, a Miniature circuit breaker (MCB) used for distribution boxes protects the current overload and sealing. This circle is a different value for various types, so it requires a to be the right quality, the right company, for the right electricity load.

Use quality wires

Electrical power cables are the main functioning things in our home, and they need the same care as other electrical aspects of the home. If you are not using cables of a high rating, decent quality, and proper health, it may cause electrical shock in the house. It often goes unnoticed or ignored after it has been installed, and is revisited only when it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Short circuits and defective wiring cause almost 13% of accidental fires. For example, Suppose any home is over 25 years old. In that case, it may not have the wiring potential to handle most electrical devices, such as computers, widescreen TVs, players, music and games, microwave ovens, water heaters, and air conditioners. So, using good quality wires is beneficial for generations.

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Another essential preventive measure that one should follow to prevent electrical accidents

Here are the primary safety strategies for preventing electric shock. Please follow them.

  • Parents and adults should be careful in identifying and avoiding electrical hazards in the home, such as broken electrical appliances, cords, cables, and plugs.  
  • Never use electrical appliances such as hairdryers, radios, and mobile phone chargers in the bathroom or anywhere else where they might unexpectedly come into contact with water.  
  • Educate children about the risks of electricity so that only parents or adults should use electrical appliances.
  • In homes with babies and small children, all plugs must have outlet covers.
  • People must seek shelter indoors during a storm, and boaters must get out of the water as quickly as possible. People should limit telephones, computers, and electrical appliances as they can be conductors of lightning.
  • Avoid using line cords that are shredded or damaged.
  • Do not use broken or frayed extension cords, and never overload extension cords over their maximum amperage, which is the total amount of current they can safely carry.
  • Do not use a power plug with the third (ground) pin removed.  
  • Use and regularly check GFCI plugs and receptacles. GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Breakers. GFCIs will prevent the risk of electric shock by disconnecting power during intermittent power failure.
  • Always use the light of accurate wattage.  
  • Ensures that the circuit breakers and fuse are the correct size and repairs the circuit’s rating.  
  • Do not oppress your electrical sockets or holders with too many connections and power bars.
  • Ensure to keep a proper distance from power lines when pruning trees, cleaning gutters, and renovating roofs.
  • When an electrical device is connected and operating, it shows an “under load” state then cannot disconnect it. It can generate an electrical arc from the outlet to the plug.
  • Never, ever touch a defective power line.


Safety is paramount; always ensure your safety first. It is always better to use an electrical enclosure of the highest quality than pay for damages caused by an unexpected electrical accident. Minor modifications to electrical accessories in your home can save the lives of your loved ones and provide peace of mind.