How to Pick the Best Document Creation Software in Three Steps

If you’re looking for document creation software, it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed. There are dozens of attractive apps to pick from, each with unique feature sets and pricing structures. 

However, spending a little time learning about the different solutions available before picking will likely save a significant amount of time and wasted resources. 

This article will show you how to identify the features your business needs and find the best possible provider. 

  1. Understand the Difference Between Document Management and Document Generation Software 

You may ask, “What’s the difference between document generation and document creation software?” Often, the two terms are used interchangeably. 

Generally speaking, however, document generation apps only include tools for drafting and creating documents. More advanced solutions may also include additional features like pre-written template libraries and collaboration spaces.

Document creation software will typically include an editor but also provides functionality for streamlining the sending and tracking process

  1. Decide What Features You Need 

Most businesses will usually require the following features as a baseline:

  • Document editor: A document editor enables you to create documents from scratch and edit existing documents in a range of formats.
  • Collaboration tools: Collaboration tools allow multiple team members to work on the same document. 
  • E-sign features: Electronic signatures make it easier for both companies and clients to sign documents without the need for traditional pen-and-ink signatures. 
  • Payment buttons: Adding payment buttons to documents like proposals can substantially increase close rates. 
  • Document tracking: Analytics tools make it possible to measure read, open and approval rates and send follow-up correspondence accordingly. 
  • Integrations and data transfer: Make sure your chosen app integrates with your existing tech infrastructure so that data can flow seamlessly between databases. 
  1. Sample Providers

You should conduct your own research and put together a list of the apps that may be a fit for your business. After you’ve done this, it’s important to take your top picks for a test-drive to ensure you can access all the features you require. 

Here are three apps to kickstart your research process:

  • PandaDoc: PandaDoc is one of the market leaders and includes a large package of automation features as well as an intuitive, feature-rich editor that can be used to create most types of business documents. 
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro: Adobe is a well-known brand in the document management space. Acrobat Pro includes document editing and creation features and is worth considering if you regularly send business documents as PDFs. 
  • Proposify: Proposify is geared towards businesses that create and send large volumes of sales proposals and has an extensive suite of editing tools for putting together visually-appealing proposals.