How To Get Your Food Products In Store and On Shelves

Markets for prepared food and snacks are more competitive than ever, especially in some key niches like coffee and trail mixes. That means getting your goods onto shelves requires you to outshine more competitors, but luckily there are also tools at your disposal to do that more efficiently than ever. If you want to see your goods in more stores, here are some ideas.

Create a Brand Presence

Digital marketing allows you to connect directly to prospective customers and drive demand for your goods in controlled ways across the distribution area you’d like covered. The more people know about your goods, the more likely grocers or larger distributors will pick them up. With the right online store, you can even create a place in the market outside of standard distribution. That puts pressure on local stores to meet demand more conveniently by proving your product sells.

Brand presence continues in the store and on the shelves too, which is why branded packaging and display are both important. Custom stick packs are a big trend right now because they lend themselves to efficient storage and display, they’re material-efficient, and they’re convenient.

Connect With Local Grocers and Distributors

Once you have a presence in your community, you need to make sure people know who you are and where to find you for wholesale orders. That means you need to find ways to connect to local business owners across the areas where you want distribution. It’s worth joining a local Chamber of Commerce and other trade organizations in your area to start building those networks.

Go To Trade Shows and Expos

You can build some of those networked connections easily by going to trade shows and expos that allow you to present your brand to grocers, distributors, and interested members of the press or public. That gives you the chance to make an impression and demonstrate the demand for your product at regular events where you can count on a receptive audience. With the right sales team out there talking about your goods and the right presentation, that could be enough to get you into your first wave of stores. Remember to line up all your supplies for the increased demand ahead of the expo, including sachet packaging services and anything else you need to ship the goods.

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Provide Samples To Prospective Retailers and Distributors

If you are going out to meet people who you’re hoping will stock your products, then you need to go out with samples to show off what you’ve got. For companies that provide direct sales via the web ahead of getting regular distribution, this means making sure you have the extra stock to hand out when you go to shows without disrupting the flow of your regular orders.

It might even be a good idea to produce a sample size and packaging that indicates it as such, to help organize supplies on your side and to present a professional finish when you bring out your brand’s coffee packaging bags to hand out merchant samples. Start handing out samples today and see what happens to your orders over the next few weeks, once your quality is also a known quantity.