How do Hair Transplants Work?

Hair transplants are literally one of the best health inventions of last century. They helped many people in regaining self-esteem and confidence. Hair loss, on the other hand, can be a daunting experience leaving any individual worried. Thanks to advancements, now hair transplants prevent hair loss and help anyone grow their hair back.

But how do hair transplants work? That is a mystery for many– even people who undergo surgery! So, here we will talk about the process and about the details that make hair transplant possible. If you are ready, we can start with how everything starts, the evaluation.

Evaluation Process for Hair Transplant

Firstly, you have to talk to a health professional in order to make sure you are qualified for a hair transplant. This meeting is not long, but the surgeon will assess your hair, evaluating if a hair transplant is possible.

First Steps of Hair Transplant

The first step of the procedure is donor hair harvesting. The donor hair is resistant to hair loss in genetic terms, so it is safe to get a sample from there. There are two main techniques that use a donor area, and that are FUE or strip harvesting. FUE is more preferred among patients. During this procedure, individual hair follicles are taken with special equipment. Surgeon will remove a strip of scalp from your donor area and dissect it.

Hair Follicle Implantation

Now that the donor area is harvested and ready to be transplanted, the next step is implanting the follicles. Surgeon carefully prepares for this step as it requires skill. Thus, it is important to find skilled surgeons for hair transplant. If you are wondering where you can find great clinics with affordable prices, we recommend Turkey for hair transplant. To implant hair follicles to the scalp is hard, and there are more to it than you might expect.

The follicles are placed one by one, and this ensures precision. The surgeon will look for density, distribution and other aspects of how your hair looks. This way, they can create natural looking hairlines. After this process, there is nothing left to the surgery itself– except to wait carefully and patiently for your new hair.

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Post-Transplant Care

After the implantation, you will go through a resting period for your hair. For a few days– even months, you should follow your doctor’s order to help your newly transplanted hair grow. There are specific instructions such as how long you should avoid water, etc.

Do not forget that hair transplant is a gradual process and you won’t see results immediately. First, it is possible to see shedding hair– but do not panic as it is natural. After 6 to 12 months, you will see noticeable results, and your hair will keep growing for years to come.