How Can You Save Yourself From A DUI Car Crash?

Driving under influence of alcohol and drugs not only puts others at risk but also proves to be dangerous for you at the same time. You can also suffer injuries and car damage if you had a drink or two before driving the car. Even a small amount of alcohol can make you mentally impaired and you will not be able to think rationally. According to a Monroe DUI defense attorney, the injured person can file a claim for compensation as well as punitive damages so that his losses are fully recovered.

Ways to avoid a DUI car accident

It is important for every one of us to learn how we can avoid such accidents. The plaintiff and defendant both have to suffer in terms of money and physical pain and stress. Some of the ways to avoid them are elaborated on below:

Avoid sitting in a car if the driver is drunk

In case, you have hired a driver, who takes you from one place to another, you should avoid sitting in the car if he has consumed alcohol or drug. You can figure this out before sitting in the car and avoid an accident on the road.

Don’t drink if you are driving alone

If you have stepped out of your home to attend an informal meeting or a party with friends, you should not drink. This is one of the major reasons for DUI accidents. People attend parties and get heavily drunk without realizing that they have to drive back home all alone. Therefore, you should avoid alcohol unless you have a partner or your spouse with you, who has not taken alcohol.

Call a taxi or cab

If you have met a friend and spent a few more hours at his place drinking alcohol, you should park the car at his place and book a cab or taxi. It is not a good idea to drive the car late at night in an intoxicated state. It will definitely put your and others’ lives at high risk. The visibility at nighttime is zero and you may not be able to drive properly. 

We all can avoid such accidents on the roads. All we have to do is to act a little more responsibly and think about others. Anyone can get hurt including old people and children. By keeping in mind the above-mentioned key points, you can save lives.