Foods and treats your little hare will love to eat

The pet culture is at the highest it has ever been. In no time, your pets not only becomes a part of your routine but also a part and parcel of your life. From pups to parrots and from fishes to ferrets, people bring home a huge array of animals and birds. 

Among the most adorable and popular pets, there are rabbits. These are easy to maintain and a lot of fun. You can easily buy quality products from Just For Pets Pet Shop in Brisbane for their food, playing, and grooming. 

Just like every other pet, hares, too, have unique features and uniques needs in terms of food and nutrition. Most people either become too choosy and perplexed or end up overloading their rabbits in the quest of feeding them nutritional food.

The fact is, hares can eat much more than just carrots and lettuce. A balanced diet for rabbits should include veggies, fresh fruits, hay, and pellets. However, it is important to make any transition or introduce the new food gradually considering their sensitive digestive system. Here are some food options that you can include in your hare’s diet to make it complete, balanced, and sufficiently nutritional.

  • The staple of a hare’s diet, the hay

Rabbits are grazing animals which is why they require an endless supply of hay in their diet. These long-stemmed fibers make between 80 and 90 percent of a hare’s food. You can also get some quality varieties such as brome, oat hay, orchard grass, and more. 

You can choose any type of hay or a combination to feed your bunnies. However, make sure that the hay is fresh and free from dust and molds.

  • Ideal for small quantity feeds, the pellets

Pellets are another popular choice for rabbit owners to feed their pets. While it is not an essential part of their diet, it can be a good variety to add. Check the portion of pellets you serve as even adult rabbits do not need more than a quarter cup daily.

For little ones, the one-eighth cup would be sufficient. Avoid pellets that have added corn and other dry fruits as these can be harmful to your pet.

  • A popular food among rabbits, vegetables

Veggies and herbs are among the rabbits’ favorite food. They can eat all sorts of greens you see in the market with only a few exceptions such as cabbage and cauliflower. An adult bunny can take up to two cups of veggies every day while only a cup would suffice the needs of the dwarfs or the ones under 5 pounds.

  • Great change when given once or twice a week, fruits

Bunnies relish a large assortment of fruits. They can eat one kind at a time or a mix of a few fresh fruits. However, you should feed them fruits not more than twice a week. Also, the suitable quantity is ideally defined to be a couple of tablespoons per 5 pounds of their body weight. Make sure you introduce fruits slowly so that your pet can easily digest them.

  • Occasionally given, a medal for good behavior, Treats

Did you know many bunnies have a sweet tooth just like humans? Their love for sweets places the treats at the top of the rabbit’s food pyramid. While treats like candies can be harmful to hares, you can feed them healthy ones such as dried flowers, approved frozen and dried fruits, and natural mixes combined with hay. Make sure to consult a specialist before trying stuff on your little furry friend.