Examining the Many Health Benefits of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

For those of you who are not familiar with nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), this is a molecule which is naturally produced in the body and involved in many major functions. It was discovered back in 1958 as part of the crucial biochemical steps that convert nicotinic acid to NAD+, which is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. NAD+ plays a vital role in immune function, DNA repair, regulating the circadian rhythm, and converting food to usable energy. 

In the simplest terms, NMN is the essential material used to create NAD+ which is what the body needs for important biological and systemic processes. The amount of available NMN directly corresponds with  how much NAD+ is produced. With that being said, the benefits of NMN are well worth exploring.

Here are some of the many incredible benefits of NMN. 

Studies Have Revealed a Link Between NMN and Longer Lifespans

Multiple studies show that higher NMN levels are linked to a longer life span in adults. NMN is converted to NAD+ within the cells which plays a vital role in essential cellular processes. Higher NAD+ levels promote mitochondria production which is essential for a longer life. The mitochondria are often called the powerhouse of the cell since it’s responsible for such important processes. Dysfunction in mitochondria is directly linked to many age-related diseases which lead to a shorter life span. 

NMN supplements help decrease inflammation and stabilize chromosomes at the cellular level. It helps normalize neuromuscular function and delay memory loss for an anti-aging effect that restores youth. Supplementing your current regiment with NMN supplements can help improve heart health, gene, expression, and neurological function. 

Improves and Maintains Core Cognitive Function

Disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and others that cause significant cognitive decline often include memory impairment and mitochondrial dysfunction. Supplementing with NMN can improve memory and combat cognitive decline due to the aging process. NMN benefits are shown to preserve mitochondrial oxidative function while supporting the process of new blood vessel formulation.    

In layman’s terms, supplementing with NMN can help improve memory, especially in the aging population. It helps regulate blood sugar and maintain healthy levels. NMN can also help improve the quality of life and increase cognitive function by supporting blood flow and increasing circulation. 

NMN Promotes a Healthy Heart

Supplementing with NMN stimulates the production of molecules with cardioprotective properties to promote heart health. Recent studies showed that NMN supplements can help reduce oxidative stress, preserve the ultrastructure of mitochondria, and prevent cell death in the heart muscle. It also helps increase blood flow to the heart to prevent ischemic injury. 

Increasing blood flow and oxygen to the heart muscle strengthens it and helps support heart health. In combination with the reduction of oxidative stress, these things may help the heart muscle combat age related damage due to poor lifestyle choices. NMN benefits include increased oxygen and blood flow to the heart along with a reduction in oxidative stress and inflammation. 

Combats Diabetes and Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

NMN helps increase insulin sensitivity to help keep blood sugar at healthy levels. NMN supplements can help improve glucose tolerance, decrease insulin resistance, and improve energy metabolism along with lipid profiles. It lowers blood sugar and improves the way the body handles insulin to combat diabetes. It also helps combat age-related weight gain by improving physical activity and energy levels. NMN benefits help maintain healthy blood sugar levels to combat and prevent diabetes. 

Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

NMN has the potential to combat a multitude of inflammatory processes within the body. One study showed that endothelial inflammation was reduced enough to widen blood vessels and improve nitric oxide function. Nitric oxide plays an important role in carrying oxygen to different parts of the body and regulating blood pressure. Reducing oxidative stress and age related inflammation within the body supports overall health and cognitive function while combating the aging process. Anti-inflammatory properties can also help regulate blood pressure while ensuring adequate oxygen reaches each system in the body for optimal function. 

May Help with Fertility

NMN supplements have been shown to reverse the signs of aging on the reproductive system and improve the chances of full term pregnancy. It improves the quality of the cells that form the sperm and the egg creating a premium environment for reproduction. NMN combats the environmental pollutants and free radical damage that damage egg and sperm quality. It also helps strengthen the quality and number of egg and sperm cells produced for maximum fertility. 

Known to Have Anti-Cancer Properties

NMN supplements have been shown to increase NAD+ levels in the body to boost cellular energy and increase DNA repair. It has also been shown to support cellular function which inhibits the growth of tumors and prevents the progression of cancer cells. NMN may also promote the death of cancer cells while enhancing the efficacy of cancer fighting drugs administered during chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The cancer fighting properties of NMN supplements are undeniable and have been proven in multiple studies.  

Strengthens Immune System

Immune function tends to decline with age increasing the risk of inflammation, infection, and disease. MNM helps regulate the activity of specific immune cells, while helping them to become more stable. The natural anti-inflammatory properties augment the immune system while increasing DNA repair and cell survival. NMN also helps decrease the severity of immune response to infections boosting immunity to harmful stimuli in the environment. This helps keep the immune system strong and functioning properly. 

You Can’t Argue with NMN Benefits

The advantages of taking NMN supplements are many and substantial. It improves heart health and fertility while boosting immune function. NMN supplementation also has cancer fighting properties and anti-inflammatory properties which benefit the many systems in the body and promote homeostasis. It helps combat diabetes and maintain proper blood sugar levels. This supplement even helps maintain and improve cognitive function to help extend life span and improve quality of life in aging people. 

When you’re ready to really improve your health from the inside out, consult with a licensed medical professional about NMN benefits. Adding NMN supplements to your daily regimen will promote homeostasis and cognitive function to slow the aging process and combat many of the negative effects of stimuli from environmental factors. 

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