Essential Tips for Safely Moving Your Piano

Moving a piano can be a challenging and delicate task, considering its size, weight, and fragility. Whether you’re relocating to a new home or simply need to transport your piano to another room, it’s crucial to handle the process with care to ensure the instrument’s safety and prevent any damage. Here, we will provide you with essential tips to help you safely move your piano.

  1. Plan Ahead and Assess the Situation: 

Before you start moving your piano, take some time to plan and assess the situation. Consider factors such as the distance to be covered, the layout of both the current and destination spaces, and any potential obstacles or difficulties you may encounter along the way. Planning ahead will enable you to develop a solid strategy and minimize the chances of accidents or damage.

  1. Gather the Right Equipment: 

Moving a piano requires specialized equipment to ensure its safety. Here’s a list of essential tools you’ll need: a. Furniture dolly: Invest in a heavy-duty furniture dolly with soft rubber wheels to provide stability and protect the flooring. b. Straps and blankets: Secure the piano to the dolly using sturdy straps, and cover it with thick blankets to prevent scratches and bumps. c. Gloves: Wear gloves with a good grip to enhance your control while handling the piano.

  1. Enlist Professional Help: 

Due to its weight and delicacy, it’s highly recommended to seek professional assistance when moving a piano. Professional piano movers have the necessary experience, expertise, and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient relocation. Their expertise will minimize the risk of damage to your valuable instrument and relieve you from potential physical strain.

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  1. Protect the Piano: 

To prevent any damage during the move, it’s essential to protect the piano properly. Start by closing and securing the keyboard lid, and then wrap the entire piano in thick blankets or specialized piano moving blankets. Secure the blankets with tape to keep them in place.

  1. Secure the Piano on the Dolly: 

With the help of your assistant or movers, carefully lift one side of the piano and gently slide the dolly underneath. Repeat the process on the other side. Ensure that the piano is centered and balanced on the dolly, and then secure it with straps to prevent any movement or slipping.

  1. Mind the Pathway: 

When moving the piano, pay close attention to the pathway and remove any potential obstacles. Clear the path from furniture, rugs, or any other items that might hinder your progress. It’s crucial to have a clear and unobstructed path to avoid accidents or damage to the piano.

  1. Move Slowly and Steadily: 

Take your time and move slowly when transporting the piano. It’s crucial to maintain a steady pace to ensure stability and control. Avoid sudden movements or jerks that can throw off the balance of the piano or cause it to tip over.

  1. Take Care of Stairs and Doorways: 

Moving a piano through narrow doorways or up and down stairs can be particularly challenging. Measure the doorways and stairwells in advance to ensure the piano can fit through without difficulty. If necessary, remove doors or hinges temporarily to create more space. Use sturdy ramps or a specialized piano skid board to navigate stairs safely.

  1. Communicate and Coordinate: 

If you’re working with a team of movers, ensure effective communication and coordination throughout the process. Establish clear signals or verbal cues to synchronize movements, ensuring everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities.

  1. Consider Professional Tuning:

After your piano has been safely moved to its new location, it’s advisable to have it professionally tuned. The process of moving a piano can cause slight changes in its internal components, affecting its tuning. Engaging a professional piano tuner will restore its optimal sound quality.


Careful planning, specialized equipment, and often professional assistance from a piano moving company are necessary when moving a piano.. By following these essential tips, you can ensure the safe and secure relocation of your valuable instrument. Remember, the key to a successful piano move lies in thorough preparation, patience, and meticulous execution.