Different Types of Wigs | the Ultimate Guide

There are more people wearing wigs than you might think, but you don’t realize it because when you choose the right natural wig, you hardly notice it. Reasons for needing a wig range from mild hair thinning to more severe hair loss or medical treatments such as chemotherapy. According to Marianne De France, a psychologist who coordinated Yale’s research on the subject, “hair is very important in a sociological sense. Having nice hair makes people more confident and Social, better overall whether you have hair loss issues or not, human hair wigs are the perfect replacement for “bad hair”.

The most important thing in human hair wigs

Kameymall Wigs are a necessary solution for those who suffer from alopecia for some reason, but they are also an ideal addition for those who want to change their style frequently or try new hairstyles. When buying a wig, you need to consider hair type, support system and weight, etc.

The Best Human Hair Wigs: Our Favourites

We know buying a wig is not easy. We are often forced to buy them because we live in difficult circumstances, such as a serious illness; other times we just want to improve our appearance and worry about wigs looking unnatural. We’ve chosen four options to get you out of your doubts.

Best short human hair wigs

The first wigs we show you have a short and modern style, designed by professional hairdressers. There is no glue for the inner support or cap, but a stretchy, comfortable, breathable mesh that doesn’t move when worn. It is made from high-quality human hair and does not tangle. It has a density of 120% and weighs about 100 grams.

The Best Human Hair Wigs with Bob Cuts and Bangs

Another option features a bob cut at the shoulders and the fringe is very stylish. It can be dyed and bleached as well as curled or other hair treatments. It is made from completely raw and unprocessed Brazilian human hair. It’s easy to comb and you can even make big braids out of it. The density of these human hair wigs is 130%.

Best wigs for long straight natural hair

With this wig, you will be able to show off long, lustrous, perfectly straight hair. It is made from high-quality natural human hair and is completely untreated. The color of this wig is dark brown but can be dyed and bleached without any issues. Of course, different cuts are also possible. It has a density of 130% and weighs about 160 grams.

Best Wigs for Naturally Long Curly Hair

Here we have another wig made from high-quality original Brazilian hair for those who want long curly hair. You can also soften it if you want to change its style. The cap is made of fully adjustable Swiss lace that won’t move or fall off when worn. Colors are natural, untreated, and can be tinted.

Why buy blonde wigs online?

If you’re looking to buy yourself a beautiful blonde wig today, you should know that there are several options. In fact, it turns out that we no longer count the various online stores that offer very nice blonde wigs that are sometimes quite original and always more diverse than each other. By choosing an online sales site, you’ll be able to find a new blonde hairstyle that will allow you to experiment before changing it permanently!

But you can also take this very good opportunity to change your hairstyle without having to cut a lock: a very good opportunity for all women who are looking for a beautiful blonde wig. Change hair color or cut, it’s easy! On e-commerce sites that offer many haircut services, you simply select the wig model or model you are interested in: you can order with peace of mind without leaving home!

What You Need to Know About Human Hair Wigs

While some people spend a lot of time researching before buying a wig, there are times when the need for a wig pops up, such as when you’re sick. Regardless of your situation, you probably have a lot of questions about buying a device like this. In this section, we will try to solve the most common problems.

Natural wigs or synthetic wigs

There are different qualities of natural hair wigs on the market, as well as synthetic fibre wigs. In our opinion, natural wigs offer a more natural look and deserve the redundancy; but synthetic wigs have improved a lot in recent years, and there are options today that can easily be mistaken for “real” manes.

How is human hair wigs made?

Hair is collected in different ways from different parts of the world, and the process of making natural wigs is complicated. Different and very precise quality standards must be adhered to at each stage of production: the acquisition of raw materials, the treatment of the hair and the manufacture of the wig itself.

Good raw materials are essential, and it consists of healthy, strong hair that has never been chemically treated (colour, bleached or pre-med). This hair should be carefully bleached and dyed. Then make the model according to the desired hat, hair density and hairstyle.