Derek C Lalchhanhima (Viral Six-Year-Old Mizoram Kid)  Biography, Parents, Family, School, Humanity, News, Wiki & More

Derek C Lalchhanhima (Viral Six Year Old Mizoram Kid)  Biography, Parents, Family, School, Wiki, News & More


Lets know About Derek C Lalchhanhima (Mizoram Kid)

His full name is Derek C Lalchhanhima. He is a young boy from Mizoram. He has won the Internet on his innocence and sympathy. All 6-year-old Derek Si Lalchanihima has become viral to help a poult that he accidentally escaped with his bicycle. A post which shows him with chicken in one hand and another with a ten rupee note has become viral online, in which over 1 million responses and over 10,000 comments have been collected.

He did not understand that the Chick is dead and is asking for his parents to take him to the hospital. His father asked him to go himself, which he did with ten rupees




According to his father Mr Dheeraj Chhetri, who was posted in Siyarang, was surprised to see his son working on his work.

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“She has always been a unique child,” says her father.

Derek C Lalchhanhima family and more


Full name Derek C Lalchhanhima
Fathers name  MR Dheeraj Chhetri
Hometown  Sairang, Mizoram 
Age 10 years


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Six-Year-Od Viral Mizoram Kid