Decoding Bikini Styles: Your Ultimate Guide

Girls on Instagram make bikinis look perfect and inspiring. That’s until you have to go to the beach or on holiday and can’t decide what bikini to wear. The truth is bikini styles keep evolving to suit different body categories.

You wouldn’t want to reach your holiday destination and find that you spent your money on the wrong bikini. Though there isn’t one way to wear bikinis, this guide helps you decide your ideal wear in a wave of different styles. With Kulani bikinis, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the many different trends available.

Bandeau Bikini Tops

If you don’t fancy tan lines for how they stick out in your photos, then the bandeau bikini tops are ideal. Think of a carefree, relaxing mode by the pool or beach without adjusting your straps. That’s right. Bandeau bikinis have a strapless design that is quite flattering.

They also conveniently double as a strapless bra. Just throw a dress or top on the bandeau and go to town or other adventures. For small-chested people, finding bikinis is hard because they don’t feel like other types flatter their busts. For small-chested people, the bandeau bikinis feel like they tagged a best friend along.

The best part is that you can still install straps as you enjoy other activities, then remove them and relax. For the Kulani bandeau bikinis, it’s a blend of style and comfort.

Bikini Bottoms

Bikini bottoms are a stylish way of updating your bikini bottoms. Just like body shapes and tastes are different for everyone, so are bikini bottoms. There’s a style for everyone with the bikini bottom.

Maybe you want your legs to look longer, accentuate your waistline, or highlight your backside. Whatever you want to achieve, bikini bottoms come in handy. You may be wondering how one type of bikini can achieve all that.

They come in styles like high waist, cheeky, swim shorts, full coverage, thongs, and more. The cheeky bikini bottoms are for those who want a rounded bum. It has more coverage than a thong, but you’ll still enjoy the sun without worrying about tan lines. Kulani bikini shorts have an unbeatable style for every body shape and taste.

Triangle Bikini Tops

Just like its name, this classic bikini is triangular. It has two triangular pieces covering the chest and straps to hold everything together. If you want more support than you got in the bandeau, the triangle bikini has more straps. For those who love detail, some triangle bikini tops have beads and small ties.

This simple but versatile piece suits both small and larger body sizes. Kulani’s range of triangle bikini tops will keep you feeling confident and classy. And they never go out of style! The triangle bikini tops are timeless and have adjustable straps to tie around your neck or ribcage.

What’s better is that you won’t be worried about pesky tan lines as this bikini has ultra-thin straps. Dive into this style and show off your beach body.

Dive With Kulani Bikinis

Finding the bikini that will flatter your body should be easy with the options above. Find what matches your style and body, and go for it. And if you’re looking for trendy options, you can rely on Kulani Kinis collections, where bikini trends begin.