Comparison Of Oracle Cloud Testing Tools

Choosing the best tool for automatic testing could be a very difficult task, the reason being the wide range of options available to the customers. The manual testing techniques have become outdated and are not quick enough to carry out the process in time. Thus it is very necessary to choose the right technology for testing of scripts to match levels with Oracle’s frequent improvements. Before selecting what to take into account when choosing a technology for checking of tests automatically, let’s first look at the present pain issues reported by the staff and managers of the application run by the company. 

Challenges to face: There are few challenges that are faced by the members working in the company. These challenges should be understood properly to make the process more streamlined and efficient. 

  • The process of manual testing usually takes some time and thus they face trouble to provide IT managers with timely feedback. There are countless activities and displays to go through even after one check which takes hours to complete. 
  • There are limited tests that could be conducted when they are done manually that may be approved by the staff working for the company. Businesses run the danger of having insufficient test coverage as they are dependent on the knowledge of the staff leaving out a lot of critical tests. 
  • The workers usually face difficulty to reliably update the scripts as the upgrades of the company are published regularly. 

Concerns faced by the Employees of the company: 

The employees working for the company face a difficult time to understand the details about a new function or feature that gets added frequently. There are some points that must be taken account of before choosing the right application for testing of the scripts. 

Create checking scripts: Writing the scripts for tests with the help of machines is the basic step in the process of automation. However, many systems demand that the employees who check write certain codes for making new texts, making it very tough for people who have little knowledge about the technical field to use. Choosing an alternate solution whenever possible is the best way to make sure that the employees with no technical background can also work efficiently in the process of testing scripts. 

Test Data Generation: To properly conduct a test of scripts the access to complete information must be available to the employees. The amount of risk associated with the upgradation available for the business increases because people would find it tough without the required data sets.

The case selection of the process is typically done by test engineers using their efficient knowledge and accurate choices. 

Change Coverage: Oracle Cloud testing tool may have a negative impact on the user interface of the customers, the employees that manage these works need tools that can easily conduct the test of scripts automatically. This could make them realize the value of features that are new and how they affect the entire process. 

The applications that are powered by Oracle have unique and updated components that decide how accurate and reliable the checks are. This calls for test maintenance. If the unique elements are changed they can entirely change and can be very difficult to find. Enterprises must choose the correct tool for testing in order to maintain uninterrupted firm operations while managing upgrades. By employing the best application for testing the entire process can be streamlined and quickly done. 

People must choose the best test automation platform by reading about the reviews of the customers available on the internet.  People must choose the best app offered by the company. They can also take the help of the internet. 

Things to look out for in a test checker tool: There are some necessary points that should be considered before choosing a tool for testing of the scripts. 

  • Awareness about Oracle: People must be very sure that the tool they choose for the automation test should be very much aware about the functioning of Oracle. In other words the automation tool must be familiar with the working of the Oracle. The reason being that elements related to Oracle are somewhat different from other applications available on the web. They should have updated features that support actions like playing back and recording scripts without giving importance to actions that can be done manually. 
  • Should offer an easy user interface: People must make sure that the testing tool presented by Oracle should have an user interface that is friendly to the clients. People who aren’t familiar with technical background shall also be able to look after the creation and maintenance of the scripts. Thus the user interface should be friendly to people who have no knowledge about coding too. This is something that the people must remember before making any choice.  
  • Access to reuse effortlessly: The tool used for checking scripts that must be chosen should offer the function of recheck of the scripts when necessary. Both time and money can be saved with the help of choosing this process. The amount which would otherwise be spent on the maintenance. Thus it is very important that the special function of reusing the checks should be accessible effortlessly. 
  • All applications are properly tested: People should make sure that the service that they are choosing does a thorough checking of every app and technology. This means that it must support complete checks of the entire applications available. This helps to make them more efficient and reliable. 
  • Offers additional features: It is important to look after the tool used for testing and must offer some unique features associated with the process of checking presented by Oracle. These features help to make the complex process of testing easy and give a better user interface to the users. These features help to provide additional security and great performance too. This is the probable reason why it is suggested that people must choose an app for testing that contains some unique additional features. 

Thus people must choose those applications that have proper knowledge about the Oracle technology. These are some of things that must be looked after before making a good choice for testing scripts.