Common Adjectives Starting with Letter N

Are you searching for the best source to learn adjectives that start with N? Adjectives are words that work as modifiers of nouns or pronouns. They name a quality that is either included in or grammatically pertaining to a noun (or pronoun) to define it. They do this primarily by defining or giving even more info regarding the noun or pronoun they modify.

Adjectives that start with N are numerous. With our list of N adjectives, you will have the ability to reveal your ideas in a remarkable and natural method! You need to discover these typical adjectives to boost and raise your vocabulary words in English. If you want to learn more, adjectives that start with N compiled by is the best source available.

Naive unaffectedly, or often foolishly, straightforward; childish; not dubious; credulous
Naked not putting on any clothes; undressed
Nameless inexpressible, lacking a name
Narcissistic extremely self included
Narrow not vast; limited in significance, size, amount, or extent
Nasal of the nose
Nasty very filthy, filthy; offensive in taste or smell; ethically offensive; really undesirable; mean; destructive; ill humored
National connecting to a whole nation; attributes of a country
Native coming from a locality or nation by birth, production, or growth; indigenous
Natural of, or occurring from, nature; based on what is located or anticipated in nature; not synthetic or manufactured
Nauseous affected with nausea or vomiting, sensation as if one could vomit
Needy in, or characterized by, require, or destitution; very bad; having or showing a need for love or emotional support
Nearsighted having the ability to better see near objects rather than distant ones; myopic
Naughty not behaving effectively; mischievous or disobedient
Nebulous uncertain; unclear; unsure
Nefarious having harmful or criminal intent
Negligent constantly stopping working to do the needed thing; uncaring
Nerdy describing a person taken as socially dull, unsophisticated, unpleasant, and so on, specifically one who is busied with academics, intellectual hobbies, and so on
Nervous defined by or having a disordered state of the nerves; identified by or revealing emotional tension, uneasiness, anxiety; scared; uncertain
Neutral impartial; neither excellent neither bad
Noble having or revealing high ethical qualities, or greatness of personality; having superb high qualities; premium; of high hereditary rank or title; refined
Nocturnal energetic throughout nighttime hours
Noisy making, or accompanied by, noise; making extra sound than is anticipated or normal; packed with noise
Nominal minimal amount
Nonalcoholic a beverage normally containing less than 0.5% alcohol by quantity
Nonchalant without warmth or excitement; disappointing passion; revealing cool absence of concern; casually detached
Nondescript plain looking, with no distinguishing attributes
Nonessential not needed; not of key significance
Nonpartisan not managed or affected by, or sustaining, any type of solitary political event
Nonprofit specifically developed for or done as civil service, philanthropic work, etc and also not for gaining a profit
Nonsensical unintelligible, silly, silly, silly
Normal common, what is expected
Normative relating to or establishing a behavior norm
Nostalgic evocative previous events; fond remembrance
Nosy being too thinking about other people’s lives; prying
Notable renowned, worthy of attention
Noteworthy worthy of note; deserving notice; exceptional; amazing
Nourishing offering nutrients; sustaining life; offering development and development
Novel brand-new as well as unusual; particularly, being the first of its kind
Noxious damaging to the health; corrupting; unwholesome
Numb without feeling
Nude totally unclothed or uncovered; bare
Nutty containing or producing lots of nuts; having a nut like taste; (vernacular) crazy or wild
Numb weakened in or robbed of the power of sensation or relocating; muted; insensible
Numerous many in number, a big quantity
Nutritious nurturing; of value as food
Notorious extensively however adversely understood or discussed
Nostalgic of or pertaining to a longing for something far away or long ago, or for former delighted circumstances
Null not legitimate or enforceable; connected with a no value

So what did you think about our collection of adjectives that begin with N? It is a little bit unusual how few positive N adjectives there are. Yet we feel there are still adequate to pay a few excellent compliments, such as the words nimble-minded, neat and also nifty. We wish you will certainly share these words with other educators, pupils, writers, relative and also pals who may delight in browsing these descriptive words that start with N.