Celebrities with PhDs

Are you a person who thinks that famous people deliver a message to the masses? That beauty isn’t enough and some background is a must? We guess a lot of people think likewise. There are indeed many celebrities who had the education and the expertise to earn their doctorates. But there are also many more celebrities who were simply playing around in their careers, and it is hard to believe that their achievements were as good as they made them out to be. Many celebrities who had the education and the credentials are truly talented individuals. In fact, many of them studied extremely hard in order to achieve the highest levels of success that they have achieved, and many of them are extremely intelligent individuals, with a wide knowledge base in various fields.

Despite it’s hard to imagine a world-famous designer saying “I do my dissertation on political science” – it’s true. Miuccia Prada indeed has a Ph.D. in Political science from the University of Milan. Who are they, other famous people with a great education? We’ll include in the list people who are known for different arts.

Brain May

Do you know the Queen? Most likely you are, because this band is famous worldwide. Its lead guitarist finished the Imperial College London with a PhD in Astrophysics. Not from the first try – he abandoned studies in 1974, when his band became most popular in the world. But thirty years later he returned to the college and re-started his PhD studies, but with a different topic. Finally, in 2008 he received a degree. Pretty impressive, especially because he uses his knowledge for real studies now.

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Mayim Chaya Bialik

Did you have a few good laughs on the Bing Band Theory series? We are sure you did. While the role of neuroscientist Amy helped Mayim to receive a few awards, the real person behind this role received a PhD in neuroscience too! She received her doctorate at the University of California in 2007. Behind the studies and acting, she has a strong position as a member of the vegan and feminist community.

Michael Crichton

Dinosaurs! Oh, sorry, it’s Jurassic Park again. Are you a fan of the 1993 film? If so, you may know that book was first, and Spielberg was so interested in it even before it was published. The book was written by Michael Crichton, who also worked on a screenplay for a film. Also, he was an author of novels that laid the basis for a lot more screenplays. You may think he has a degree in Literature, but surprisingly not. He dropped English as a major because of his professor and applied to biological anthropology where he received his bachelor’s degree. Later he received a Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School. But, as we see, writing was always his passion.

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Who else?

We stopped by a few personalities, but there are a lot more!

For example, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had a Ph.D. in medicine. Rebellious Greg Griffin from Bad Religion received his doctorate from Cornell University for a dissertation exploring the attitudes of prominent evolutionary biologists toward science and religion.

And many, many more!

Who are yours favorite celebrities? What is their academic background?