Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Ideas to Try

Butterfly tattoos are common, and people like them because they are effortless to draw. They are also available in many designs, and you can choose different colors to shade them. Besides, butterflies have a gentle meaning. You can have a butterfly tattoo to represent your life changes or show that life is a cycle. 

To get the best butterfly tattoo, you need a creative tattoo artist who will clearly bring out your butterfly image. You should also choose the body part of ink your artwork, depending on how private or public you want the tattoo to be. If you just settled on getting a butterfly tattoo, here are great ideas.

  • Watercolor Butterfly With Floral Wings

The watercolor butterfly tattoo is a perfect tattoo idea to try. The artist will bring out your butterfly so well. Besides, the colors on the tattoo match perfectly, and the design is soft and admirable. 

  • Blank Ink Butterflies

Do you have a favorite color for your butterfly tattoo? A black butterfly will look well on your wrist or forearm. You can also add a different color to make the art pop more. However, ensure you choose original colors that won’t fade fast.

  • Flowers And Stars

Some people think that a plain butterfly tattoo is boring. The good news is that you can add some decorations to your piece of art. Ask your artist to add flowers on one of the wings and shade the tattoo beautifully. You can also do this tattoo in black and draw it on your forearm. 

  • Large Shoulder Tattoo

If you don’t want your butterfly tattoo to be visible to the public, you can choose to ink it on the shoulders. The shoulders are mostly covered, and you will also have no problem with your boss if your office does not approve of tattoos. Choosing the size of your tattoo before you do it is advisable since the tattoo removal healing process can be a bit difficult if you have a giant tattoo.

  • Butterfly In Motion

Choose a butterfly in motion if you want a beautiful butterfly tattoo. The arm is the perfect location for this piece of art because the tattoo will be more visible. You can have two or more similar tattoos on the same arm or one on each arm.

  • Butterfly On Hand

If you want a hand tattoo, a butterfly will be a great choice. The tattoo on the hand is so beautiful and creative and is a perfect way to showcase your personality to the public. You can research more butterflies on hand tattoos before visiting the specialist. 

  • Shading On The Butterfly

You don’t have to leave your butterfly bear. That is not all butterflies are supposed to be, but should be colorful and stunning in every aspect. Ask your tattoo specialist to add some shading to increase the beauty. The different environment makes the piece of art look more stunning and increases creativity around the butterfly.

  • Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are more common among ladies, and they look better when drawn on the thighs. There is more space on the thigh, so you can choose the tattoo size without limitations. You can also get the black thigh tattoo or incorporate other ink shades. 

  • Butterfly And Flowers

Butterflies are as beautiful as flowers, but you can also draw them together. Most tattoo artists will use shades of grey on the tattoo to give it a beautiful face. You can also ask your artist to include other colors to make it more beautiful and unique. 

  • Blue And Black Butterfly

Did you know that black is not the only color for butterfly tattoos? Including other colors like blue on the black butterfly tattoo is a perfect way to make your piece of art-pop better and more. The tattoo design is also not common, so you will have unique art on your thigh or forearm. 

  • Butterfly And Poppies

Suppose you don’t like the blue flowers, you can choose to include poppies in your butterfly tattoo instead. Combining these tattoo designs is a perfect way to make your ink more beautiful and unique to your liking. You can also include other bright colors like green and blue depending on your taste.


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