A Complete Guide to Radon, Its Testing and Effects on Health 

If you are planning to move to a new location and are worried about the health of your family members, you should consider getting Radon testing done. Not everyone is aware of radon and its effects on human health. It is suggested to check the air quality within the house by calling a professional and get the radon testing in New Jersey done. This ensures that the house is safe for the family members including kids and the seniors.

Understanding radon gas?

It is a colorless and odorless gas that cannot be detected because it does not cause any serious impact on the health of a person. The studies have shown the fact that prolonged exposure to this gas can result in lung cancer in a non-smoker. One of the most concerning facts about this gas is that it enters through the cracks of walls, concrete, windows, and other building materials. A person may not feel any uneasiness while living in the house. It is when the medical condition gets worse, the X-ray shows the infection in a person.

Health risks due to radon gas 

This gas is a carcinogen, which causes lung cancer in human beings if inhaled for a long time. It may not show any effect on human health immediately. After a certain period, the person may start to develop some signs. The states have also revealed the fact that this gas has become the number one reason for death in non-smokers in the United States. That’s why the government has recommended testing for this gas before moving to a new place.

Radon testing in your house

Over a period of time, the gas may enter your house without your knowledge. To prevent it from being in the house for a long time, you need to contact a radon testing company in your area. They will suggest to you the best steps to be taken for testing.

It can really be difficult to state if the house is safe and does not have this gas without performing a test. That’s why the homeowner should take initiative to test the house before putting it on sale. Moreover, the value of the house increases if you have a radon mitigation system installed in your home. It is a good idea to call a professional who can analyze the house for testing and if the levels are high, he can suggest the best place to install. 

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