7 home décor ideas

Feeling tired of your home interiors but know you don’t have the time, budget or energy to do a full revamp? There are many ways to give your rooms a little boost without redecorating entirely – time to get inspired and give these quick tricks a go.

Create a gallery wall

Gallery walls are fantastic focal points that can give any wall a sophisticated and modern feel. Mix and match shapes and sizes of prints, posters and sewn pieces in frames in matching colours to make a gallery aesthetic. With the right picture hanging hardware, you don’t even need to drill holes in your walls!

Make a book nook

Any spare space or windowsill in your home can be made into a reading nook with a little dressing. If there’s room on the walls (if applicable), add in shelves to hold your most aesthetic titles and a lamp. Some cosy cushions and throws add in the comfort you need to settle down with a good read.

Style empty spaces

Old and now disused fireplaces are commonplace in many British homes but tend to just present as empty holes in living room walls. Adding in a painting balanced against the wall, an ornament or some flowers can really transform the look and feel of these otherwise empty spaces and create a curated vibe. You’ll find lots of inspiration on how to style these spare spaces online.

Also, you can prefer glass balustrades that look very attractive at your house.

Dress your shelves

It’s official: a ‘shelfie’ is a thing! Shelves can be dressed to show off books, ornaments, art and other important items while storing them all nicely for you at the same time too. Consider sorting items by colour or size to draw the eye in and make an interesting view. Add in seasonal items as appropriate.

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Seasonally swap your colour accents

A neutral base is ideal for most interior design and colour ‘pops’ can add a seasonal feel that’s updated every quarter to match the weather outside. A beige or cream base can be matched with limes and violets for spring, hot pinks and lemons for summer, browns and oranges for autumn and clarets and forest greens for winter.

Reupholster your chairs

Upholstery is a craft, but it can be done as a DIY job if required. Upholstered chairs get quickly grubby and look dirty if not cleaned thoroughly and regularly and so their lifespan is often quite short. It’s much cheaper to reupholster a chair than it is to buy a new one, so once a suitable fabric has been purchased that you like, follow an online tutorial and give it your best shot.

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Reform focus points

Most rooms have something that immediately draws the eye – and shifting this focus can really change the way a space feels. Most living rooms aim their furniture around a television, and most dining rooms spotlight everything around a dining table. For a lounge, moving the focus to a piece of art or something on a wall helps draw the eye away from a screen and for a dining room, hanging a large lampshade over the table helps amplify the space above it. No matter the room or the initial point of focus, moving it to something else bold can really transform the interior design and refresh the room.

Installing one change to a room each season can help keep your home feeling exciting and fresh without the need for heavy investment – keeping your bank account well-balanced and your living spaces well-curated.