6 Team Building Games In Singapore

Who would have anticipated that the continuing issue would still impact in-person team development in 2022? However, suppose you are searching for physical team-building events in Singapore. In that case, we have some fantastic alternatives for indoor and outdoor activities that adhere to current requirements while still being fun!

There has never been a more crucial moment than now to revive face-to-face team development. Some of your coworkers may have been deprived of genuine physical connection with one another. In-person team building may help boost employee engagement, calm frazzled nerves, and develop team connections.

  1. A Virtual Leather Workshop

Take advantage of our renowned leather-making curriculum from the comfort of your own home. All participants will get our leather-making home kits before the commencement of your virtual team-building event. Throughout your online session, you will also get professional facilitation!

  1. Workshop in Virtual Clay Making

It is the most recent trend to be added to the list of enjoyable team activities. Discover how to manufacture your clay figurines or charms. It’s also a terrific idea to produce something unique for your loved ones! This is one of the best team building games in Singapore.

  1. Virtual Candle-Making Class

Bring your whole team together and have fun creating your perfumed masterpiece. Joining FunEmpire’s Virtual Candle Making Workshop allows you to create your soy candle with a figure to complete the appearance. The soy candle home kit will include all the necessary ingredients, so you won’t have an excuse not to attempt one of Singapore’s top team-building games.

  1. Amazing Race Hybrid

The Amazing Hybrid Race, created by The Fun Empire, is the first Hybrid Amazing Race experience that you may enjoy! It’s both a physical and a virtual activity at the same time. Participants will discover Singapore’s history and famed cuisines by combining physical challenges with internet riddles.

  1. Virtual Party Madness

Play various humorous party games over video conferencing and have a good laugh! The party games promote team building and togetherness via laughing and enjoyment.

It is a fully guided session led by knowledgeable facilitators. The virtual party winner will get a reward to make things even more exciting! It is an excellent team-building games Singapore option to explore. Let the laughs and fun begin!

  1. Virtual Nightfall

Adapted to the famous Murderer game, this is a fantastic opportunity to put your and your teammates’ wits to the test. It requires conversation, body language reading, and persuasion. Each team member is given a role, ranging from murderer to detective to superhero. Who will win the battle of good over evil?

Our expert facilitator will lead the Virtual Nightfall session for you and your group. Schedule a private appointment with us on your preferred day and time! All briefing and facilitation are given, so you can relax and enjoy your time with your colleagues! 

Bottom Line

We provide enjoyable team-building games for both small and large groups. Choose the ones that best meet the demands of your organisation!