5 Ways To Boost The Chances Of Having Your Tn Visa Approved

Are you looking to move to the US temporarily for better work opportunities? The TN Visa, open to Mexican and Canadian citizens, is a fast and affordable way to do that. Basically, it permits professionals in various fields to take up positions anywhere in the US for up to three years.

On expiry, the visa can be renewed for another three years. You can renew as often as needed, provided you still meet the visa requirements.

That said, a TN visa program approval is not guaranteed. Sometimes, it’s rejected because of unintentional errors or omissions during the application process. To help you avoid this, here are five ways you can boost your chances of approval:

1. Provide An Employment Contract or Letter of Employment

Even if you meet all the requirements under the TN visa program, your application will likely be rejected if you don’t prove that you’ve got a job offer from a US employer. So, it’s not enough to get an offer. You have to provide the necessary proof in your application. That is an original copy of the employment letter or contract for a NAFTA-listed professional position.

This documentation should explain the kind of activities or responsibilities you intend to engage in while you’re in the country.

2. Get a Degree Evaluation & Provide Original Copies of Your Degree

A degree evaluation, which accredited organizations do, confirms that your foreign degree is equivalent to a US degree. Now, Canadian degrees don’t typically require one. But outside of that is usually mandatory. So, make sure you get an evaluation. Also, if you were denied a TN visa and didn’t do a degree evaluation, ensure you do one before you reapply.

3. Ensure Your Passport is Valid for at Least 3 Years

The maximum validity for a TN visa is three years. After that, you’ll need to apply for a renewal. In any case, you’ll need a valid Mexican or Canadian passport to be eligible. To increase your chances of getting approved, ensure your passport is valid for three years or at least the time you wish to be in the country, as indicated in your application.

4. Show that You Intend to Go Back After Your Employment

A TN visa is temporary, meaning it doesn’t lead to citizenship or residency. You’re only in the country for the intended purpose, which is work, and should, therefore, show that you intend to return after your contract ends. Demonstrating strong ties back at home can help you with this.

5. Get a Qualified TN Visa Program Attorney to Go Through Every Detail

Finally, you want to get an immigration lawyer with specific TN visa experience to ensure everything is in order before submitting your application. An attorney can help you see small yet costly mistakes you will likely overlook.

Get Approved for a TN Visa Easy and Fast with These Tips

You might not know this, but TN visas are denied for the slightest mistakes. For instance, having a passport that will expire in a few months. So, take your time to get everything right and, more importantly, have an excellent attorney to cross-check everything for you.