5 Simple Tips to Trim Down Large PDF Files 

Have you ever tried to send a PDF file via mail, but it failed? The s

ize of the PDF is one of the most probable reasons why it didn’t go.

If you are a frequent PDF user, reducing the size of your PDF file can save you from numerous challenges. Below is a guide on how you can reduce the size of your PDF file to prevent annoying hold-ups.

Electronically Convert Files

What strategy do you use when you want to combine many documents into one PDF? Some people may choose to print every document and then scan them one by one into a single PDF. Next time you have such a scenario, electronically convert the files.

Using software such as Adobe Acrobat, you can easily convert files into PDF and even merge them. Electronically converted files are way smaller than scanned files. You should only scan documents into PDF if they exist in paper form.

It’s possible to convert both written documents and images electronically. A lot of people, however, encounter challenges when converting an image to PDF. If you want to convert an image to PDF, try Adobe Acrobat. Using this tool, you will upload the image, and it will automatically convert the image for you.

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Compress PDF Images

Images take up a considerable part of many PDF files. Downsizing those images can make a huge difference. By compressing an image, you are reducing the number of pixels in it. Using the right tools, one can quickly reduce the size of a PDF image.

Remove Unwanted Objects from The PDF File

If your PDF is too large, it probably has quite a few unnecessary frills. Such unnecessary frills could include bookmarks, form fields, and annotations.

Consider editing your PDF file to get rid of this bloat. Using Adobe Acrobat, you can edit your PDF file to remove these objects. Other tools you may use to edit your PDF file include PDF candy and PDFescape.

Always Use The “Save As” Command

Assume you have two files. You save one file using the “save as” command and the other using the “save” command. The file using the “save” command will be larger than the file using the “save as” command.

The “save as” command gives rise to a smaller file since you eliminate unwanted objects and accumulated changes. For the “save” command, all the unwanted objects and changes go into the file. The “save” command is not able to overwrite the entire document.

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Use Adobe Acrobat’s PDF Optimizer

Using the Adobe PDF optimizer, you can audit the amount of space taken up by each component in the PDF file. For instance, you can know the amount of space taken up by the fonts and images.

From such an audit, you have a better idea of which element to downsize. Moreover, such an audit may reveal unused space. Eliminating the unused space cuts the size of your PDF file.

Wrapping It Up

A large PDF should not stop you from continuing with your business. Next time you find yourself with a large PDF file, cut it down to size.