3 Ways to Include Pink in Your Loved One’s Casket

Sometimes, when we remember a loved one, we can’t help but think of their favorite color. Maybe their personality brings color to mind. You’ll want to add this color if you plan their funeral and choose a casket and flowers.

Why People Choose Pink

Pink is often used at funerals to memorialize loved ones who liked the color or had gentle and sweet dispositions. There are numerous ways you can honor a loved one who loved pink or reminded you of the soft rose hue.

How to Use Pink to Remember a Loved One

You can use pink in your loved one’s casket’s design or as a tribute. Not only can you choose a pink casket, but you can also add accents or items colored in various hues of the soft color as well.

If you’re seeking a pink casket, you can buy online now as a wide selection of caskets is featured in pink and similar colors, such as an orchid. 

1. Choosing a Casket in Pink Which Features Pink Exterior Accents

Most caskets featured in pink are made of stainless steel. Therefore, they’re not only rugged, but they’re also beautiful as well. You can also add metal hardware such as rose sculpted designs or intricate and feminine pink accents. 

For example, you might consider buying a casket in polished white that displays a rose embroidered head panel depicting a 3-rose design. This delicate-looking casket is both lovely and durable as it features locking mechanisms and a rubber gasket seal that serves as an extra barrier of protection.

2. Selecting a Pink Interior

You can also add to a pink theme by choosing a casket with a pink interior. A pink cloth made of velvet, satin, or crepe is lovely when paired with a pink exterior or complementary colors such as orchid or silver. 

3. Adding Pink Accents and Flowers

You can also custom-design a casket and add pink ornamentation. These adornments can take the form of images of pink flowers, butterflies, or pink glitter for a teen or child. You might also add a pink spray of roses with lighted white and pale pink candles. Pink roses are unique as they denote appreciation, grace, and love. 

A spray featuring lavender with pink flowers is also a nice tribute to someone whose gentleness and kind disposition meant a lot to you during your life. 

Pink means so many wonderful things as it reminds us of a mother’s affection and love and a child’s innocent and caring ways. Therefore, it is only fitting that you pay honor to a loved one whose personality could only be expressed in “pink.”

Remembering a Loved One in a Special Way

Whether choosing a casket or adding an accent, you can find just the right color to remember a loved one uniquely and meaningfully. Besides pink, you can choose yellow, purple, orange, green, or red for a casket’s finish. Silver and white are also popular choices. Keep in mind that delicate flowers, like roses, should be purchased fresh to make the biggest impression possible. You can pick from a wide range of flower gardens, for instance David Austin roses.

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