10 Ways to Get a Free VIN Check (100% Free Car History Report)

Checking a vehicle’s VIN is as important as checking your car engine oil, especially when you’re looking to buy a used car or replace faulty parts of your vehicle. Running a VIN check provides you with nearly complete detail of the potential vehicle, including its faulty design. 

Checking these details enables you to avoid getting scammed into purchasing a stolen or hazardous car. You also need a VIN check to determine the match parts of your faulty vehicle.

Most websites require that you pay a modest fee to access a super detailed and comprehensive report, but this is not the case with Free VIN Check. Free VIN check reports are usually super detailed and best of all you don’t need to pay anything to decode your VIN.

Below, you can also find some of the best ways to get a free VIN check.

10 Ways to Get a Free VIN Check (100% Free Car History Report)

  1. Free VIN Check
  2. BMW VIN Decoder
  3. Ford VIN Decoder
  4. Vincheckfree
  5. Epic VIN
  6. AutoDNA
  7. Carvetical
  8. Cebia
  10. Bumper

1. Free VIN Check

No better VIN check tool beats Free VIN Check in providing reliable information about the target vehicle. It offers every detail from make and model, vehicle specifications to accident records and open recalls. And since they gather their vehicle data from authoritative sources such as NHTSA, NMVTIS, and insurance companies, you can only expect accurate, up-to-date, and dependable information from them. 

This comprehensive vehicle report is available free of charge – you don’t have to pay a dime to decode a VIN using Free VIN Check. Their vehicle history report check contains information on accidents, flooded car damage, accurate mileage/odometer rollbacks, undisclosed liens, theft, full title history, and much more.  Check here to learn more information.

The site has an extremely user-friendly interface, making it easy to use. Therefore, you don’t need to take long to access the results. 


Provides comprehensive and detailed vehicle history reports for free- something you’d pay to get from Carfax and Autocheck

Extremely easy-to-use site

Relevant information


Overwhelming vehicle details

2. BMW VIN Decoder

The BMW VIN Decoder is essential in helping buyers of used BMW distinguish the real BMW to avoid fake ones. This online service tool can retrieve information on vehicles manufactured by BMW, including their heavy-duty vehicles and motorcycles. 

Such information includes the vehicle’s model, transmission type, and many other specifications. With this information at your fingertips, you can avoid purchasing a stolen or damaged vehicle. Vehicles produced by BMW are mostly fuel-efficient and usually have matching parts. 

A BMV VIN has enough information about a BMW vehicle. Decoding this VIN gives you a unique serial number that helps you identify your brand of BMW vehicle. The full vehicle report from running a BMW VIN check usually includes unreported damage, the accuracy of mileage, previous country of registration, historical photos, safety, and maintenance recalls, theft records, and other information.  

What makes the BMW VIN decoder stand out from its competitors is its capacity to help customers in their decision to purchase a vehicle.


Safe and encrypted channel for inputting VINs – users can enter search information without worrying about its privacy and security

Beginner-friendly site

Can offer valuable advice on buying a BMW vehicle

Users are capable of distinguishing real BMW


Trouble accessing the platform from select regions

3. Ford VIN Decoder

If you’ve found yourself stuck while purchasing a second-hand Ford vehicle, then Ford VIN Decoder might just be the tool that you’re missing. A Simple Ford VIN lookup on this platform gets you all the relevant details about the vehicle, including its model, year of manufacture, accidents, past photos, mileage accuracy, the previous state where it was registered, theft records, and other information. 

Therefore as a prospective Ford owner, you need a Ford VIN decoder to determine the history of the Ford vehicle. Every relevant information is available to help you verify the Ford vehicle history, check Ford car data before making payment, determine the match accessories, and see whether the Ford VIN provided by the dealer is original or fake. 


The VIN lookup search process is pretty straightforward

Comprehensive and useful reports

Up-to-date information

Fast lookup process


May not be as comprehensive as other sites e.g Free VIN Check

4. VINCheckFree

VINCheckFree gives you every information you need to know about a car. This includes the primary details such as its engine and automobile platform, safety evaluation that gives you a clue about whether it is considered safe to drive the car, and a good estimate of how much the car is worth. Not forgetting the list of every minor and significant damage and accident that ever accrued to the vehicle. 

You can also find out information for almost all auto manufacturers in the world, meaning you can access the details you require, whatever your car brand is.


Comprehensive details about the associated vehicle, no matter where it is from

Delivers easy-to-use VIN lookup of any vehicle

Provides access to all kinds of records about a vehicle

Partners with leading industry names such as NMVTS to provide advanced information on a vehicle  


You may need to pay to access extra information on mileage, collision, and odometer reading of the car

5. EpicVin

EpicVin is a reliable platform for a comprehensive and verified car report without overpricing. The service has access to nearly 40 million vehicle records, and its information comes from some of the largest databases in the US, including NMVTIS.

EpicVin provides one of the few excellent ways to confirm a vehicle’s authenticity before buying it. The various free VIN tools you can enjoy from this site include VIN decoding based on the vehicle model, flood and odometer check, VIN check by state, last known selling price, last known country, and any accidents.

For detailed reports, you can choose three packages offered on this platform, including one report for $14.99, four reports for $ 28.17, and 16 reports going for $ 86.34. It’s nice that it gives you a little bit of information for free even as you decide to purchase the full report.  


Offers several Free VIN services

Full service is worth the price

Written details are validated by the platform

Affordable subscription plans


Confusing website outlook

Have to purchase the full report to find out the specifics

Limited free information


Q1: Where do “Vin Check” Websites get their data from

Most VIN check websites get their vehicle data from insurance companies, government agencies, and automotive research companies. These companies have huge databases and are the main sources for vehicle value, open recalls, and safety ratings.

These companies typically include NICB, NHTSA, IIHS, KBB, and NMVTIS.

Q2: How to Check a VIN for Free to Determine a Registered Owner

It is not possible to find the vehicle owner’s name, address, or contact details using a VIN check. That is because the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act restricts giving out drivers’ identities. You can only determine information about the vehicle.


When choosing your preferred VIN checker, be sure to check out Free VIN Check. It is one of the few services that offer comprehensive reports for free! So do give it a try.